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cbd pet manufacturers

Cbd pet manufacturers

DENVER — Pet Releaf announced Nov. 16 it has partnered with Alphagreen to expand online distribution of its CBD pet products to Europe.

“Pet Releaf is committed to developing hemp-based formulations that are safe for their intended use and ensuring that research is being conducted ethically and responsibly,” added Christopher Brooks, DVM, vice president of Pet Releaf Professional Sales. “As the industry leader in the pet CBD space, we feel it is imperative that all CBD product development is backed by science. We are committed to developing products that meet and exceed all animal health and safety standards, which is why we are an accredited National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) manufacturer of CBD products. Pet Releaf is also proud to be an advocate for truth, transparency and education. Pet parents seeing any unproven claims that products can treat, cure or prevent a disease should view those as a red flag.”

According to Grandview Research, the CBD pet products market was worth $125 million in 2020, and growth is expected to continue at a CAGR of 58.9% by 2028. While not yet officially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, pet owners are embracing these products in both the North American and European markets.

As the pioneer in the industry when it comes to CBD products for pets, we know how confusing the CBD space can be. With more and more manufacturers entering the space, we are extremely proud to change what healthy means for pets by overseeing the entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale and from plant to pet.™

Not all CBD products are equal. Pet Releaf CBD pet products are the number one most trusted CBD brand in the pet industry.

Here are some reasons why you can feel good about selling Pet Releaf CBD pet products: