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cbd pens for sale

Cbd pens for sale

It is hard to go wrong with CBDfx if you want variety. Sometimes you might even get confused about the options available. However, each flavor that you get of CBD vape juice will be great. All you need to do is find the one that excites you

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There might be a few categories of CBD vape pens, but the major broad categories are a disposable vape pen and refillable CBD vape pen

Types of CBD Vape Pens

Hemp Source

Cbd pens for sale


CBD Vape Pen (Classic OG)
200 mg CBD | Disposable Pen
Ultra Fast-Acting

There is actually not one right answer to specify how long you personally should inhale each time or how many inhalations you should take. That is one of the benefits of using our CBD Vape Pens. They’re extremely fast acting and perfect for on the go usage, so you can use them until you feel the relief you deserve!

How long do I inhale each time I use it? How many times should I use it?

Now that is completely up to you! We have a variety of flavors of our CBD Vape Pens including Classic OG, Fresh Menthol, Smooth Vanilla, and Tangie! However, our most popular flavors are the Classic OG and Tangie. That’s where we always suggest people begin if they don’t know which CBD Vape Pen to try out! Also, they’re one of our most affordable products, so if you’re not sure just try a different CBD Vape Pen each time you finish yours!