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cbd organic wraps

Cbd organic wraps

This wrap is actually the first vegan approved wrap we’ve reviewed, but we suspect all hemp wraps are actually Vegan approved. Either way, this wrap is Vegan Approved!


High Hemp’s website states that they are not adding CBD to their product and that the CBD in the wraps is the naturally occurring CBD found in hemp plants. How much CBD is in a High Hemp Wrap? By reviewing their blog post dated Sept 16, 2016, it looks as if the “MAX CBD” amount is 0.02% or .21 mg/g. According to the chart on their blog, this is the maximum amount of CBD one might consume with this wrap (no filler).

Burn Quality

Advertised as CBD+ (Our Questions / Concerns):

Cbd organic wraps

High Hemp Co. is one of the first all organic herbal wrap companies who pride themselves on a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. We’re breaking the trend of tobacco based products and creating better alternatives. We are High Hemp.