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As mentioned, the results of the quality studies are simply published, including on our website. All tests and analyzes are therefore easy to read for everyone. That says a lot about Medihemp’s desire to be transparent.

They extract all important substances from the hemp plant via a supercritical CO2 extraction. In this way, a raw hemp oil extract remains in which nothing of the original plant has been lost. Then organic hemp seed oil is used to dilute the extract. And this ultimately creates the CBD oils and CBD capsules as the consumer can purchase.

Medihemp was founded in 2012 by two sisters, Andrea Bamacher and Elke Moritz. Their enthusiasm, expertise and commitment have made this a wonderful company that provides excellent CBD products. Medihemp pays particular attention to the biological aspects of the products. They call the hemp plant the oldest plant with a beneficial effect known to man – and they want to pass the baton. Below we will explain the characteristic features of the company.

-30 ml (about 750 drops)
-1500mg CBD ‘Raw’
-about 2 mg CBD per drop
-dose: max. 2 x 5 drops per day
-legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
– contains max. 0,05% THC (can’t get high)
-with analysis report
-best before: 26-04-2022

Transparency CBD products

Due to the CBD percentage (not low, but not high either), this oil is suitable for adults and children (teenagers and adolescents).

Tip! Under the heading ‘product information’ in our webshop you can read more about the use of cannabis oil (CBD oil, CBG oil and THC oil).

Analysis of this CBD product
View quality report

From hemp plant to CBD product

This 30 ml CBD oil Raw with a CBD percentage of 5% (1500 mg CBD) is strictly controlled in various ways, in order to ensure that the procedure runs organically and sustainably. That starts with planting the CBD hemp seeds. First, harmful substances, or chemicals, are removed from the soil. Examples include herbicides and pesticides.

Medihemp pays a lot of attention to research. Better ways are being sought to increase the bioavailability of the products. The bioavailability is the extent to which the CBD is absorbed by the body of a human or animal (for example dogs and cats). The higher the bioavailability, the better the CBD acts on the body. Because high bioavailability says a lot about the effect of the CBD product, according to Medihemp, they spend all the time and energy they have available on this. In doing so, the most important technological innovations are closely monitored, in case there are new techniques that they themselves see as suitable.

CBD/CBDa (Cannabidiol/-acid): 6,3 mg/daily dose

hemp extract* 19 %

Please note: Listen to your body carefully. If you suspect the dose is too high, reduce it. Multiple small doses are preferred to one large dose.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Shake before using.


Recommended intake: 4 drops daily (corresponds to 0,12 ml)

The flask contains 30 ml of oil, corresponding to over 600 drops. CBD has many therapeutic effects, and it is therefore difficult to formulate a universal dosage. Start with a low dose. For example 1 drop in the morning and 1 in the evening. Gradually build up the dose until the desired result is achieved.

Precise dosing is fast and simple because each drop contains 2,5 mg CBD. The CBD oil does not cause a high because it contains less than 0.2 % THC.

Minimum usage period for effective results

The effect of CBD is not noticed immediately, as is sometimes the case for traditional medicine. But CBD does not have to be less effective. This active ingredient accumulates in the body over the period of usage, and reaches its optimal potency after about a fortnight. At that point you will be able to fully experience its effects.

Also contain: flavonoids, terpenes, phenols, CBN, CBV, CBG, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals