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cbd olie jacob hooy 5 30ml

In addition, CO2 extraction is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient method. This is partly because the CO2 is reused for subsequent extractions.

CO5 extraction is less suitable for CBD oil RAW with 2% CBD. The reason for this is that a concentrate with a higher percentage of CBD also contains more leaf green (chlorophyll).

Due to these different production methods, there is a difference in taste and color between the CBD oil of 2,5% and 5%. The 5% RAW CBD oil is lighter in color and tastes less sharp than the 2,5% RAW CBD oil. However, they do have the high quality of Jacob Hooy in common.

CBD oil RAW 5%

In addition to CBD oil RAW, we also sell other CBD products from Jacob Hooy. These include the following CBD products: water-soluble CBD, capsules, cream, skin oil, soap, lip balm and coconut oil with CBD.

Content and CBD concentration
30 ml – 5% CBD

Other CBD products from Jacob Hooy

CBD oil RAW is made by means of cold extraction. Since there is no heating, no substances are converted in this process and no substances are broken down. This is in contrast to CBD oil Pure, which does involve heating.

Jacob Hooy uses two different extraction methods for the production of CBD oil RAW.

Cbd olie jacob hooy 5 30ml

Jacob Hooy CBD Plus oil 30ml contains a very pure form of the popular CBD oil, made from hemp. This product is made from the parts of the plant which are richest in CBD or cannabidiol, which is a non-psycho active cannabinoid with many positive effects. This product is extra economical in use. Jacob Hooy CBD Plus oil supplies the body in an efficient way in CBD. Order your cannabidiol here with discount before 20:30 and receive you products the next day (Belgium and Holland).

Store at room temperature.

Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication use and illness.