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MediHemp CBD Raw Natural 5% in a bottle of 30ml. If you just started using CBD, you have to take the oil for a while to be able to experience the effects. If you order a 30ml bottle, it is cheaper than ordering a 10ml bottle each time. Once you use CBD oil, you do not want to live without it. The CBD cannabis oil is obtained from CO2 extraction and consists of cold-pressed hemp seed oil and CO2-extract from hemp.

Composition MediHemp CBD oil Raw Natural 5%

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How to use CBD oil

Dietary supplement 30 ml = 600 – 660 drops

When the farmers have harvested the plants, Medihemp continues with the production process. We can tell you that everything of the plant is used. CBD products and CBD tea are made from the hemp leaves and hemp flowers. They make food (hemp seed oil) from the hemp seeds. They extract all important substances from the leaves and flowers by means of a sophisticated extraction system. The result is a beautiful raw extract. When they dilute the extract with certified organic hemp seed oil or olive oil, the end product is created: CBD oil, capsules and other CBD products from Medihemp.

The sisters Andrea Bamacher and Elke Mortiz are the founders of the Austrian company Medihemp. Their mission is to develop natural products that are good for body and mind and help us lead a healthy life.

-Austria Bio Guarantee (AT-BIO-301)
-Austrian Food Safety Agency (in the Netherlands: SKAL)
-European Food Safety Authority (the Authority)

Perfect production process

Spicy, nutty and powerful taste. Full spectrum CBD extract in organic hemp seed oil. The careful cold extraction method preserves everything from the plant, such as the cannabinoids CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBV and various terpenes, phenolic compounds and flavonoids.

Order more, pay less!
* Order 2-3 pieces for € 29,92 each and save 5%
* Order 4-9 pieces for € 28,35 each and save 10%
* Order 10+ pieces for € 25,20 each and save 20%

‘Quality’ and ‘organic’ are very important to Medihemp. Absolutely nothing is added during the production process that is not necessary. Certain substances that have no added value for the human body are removed with the greatest care. That is why Medihemp products never contain chemical additives or alcohol solutions. We emphasize it again here: all Medihemp products are allowed to carry the AT-BIO-301 label and are supervised by the Austrian Food Safety Agency (AGES) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


The premise of Medihemp is: to deliver CBD products of the highest possible quality that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. As a result, they are always working on innovations to increase the bioavailability of the cannabis extracts.

In order to guarantee product safety and to be able to deliver the highest possible CBD quality, each batch is subjected to various tests and analyzes (both internal and external). You can of course request the test results from us.