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cbd olie 5 30 ml

-30 ml (about 700 drops)
-1500mg CBD ‘Raw’
-about 2,1 mg CBD per drop
-dose max. 15 drops per day
-legal in Europe
– contains max. 0,05% THC (can’t get high)
-quality report available
-best before: 06-06-2021

Hooy uses the most advanced techniques to make the products as effective as possible. Products are poured into all kinds of shapes, such as capsules and liquids. Jacob Hooy’s consumers also have a wide variety. And not only consumers, but also other companies purchase many products from the producer. Although Jacob Hooy’s main market is still the Netherlands, with Belgium in a close second place, its popularity is spreading more and more all over the world.

What is CBD

The company itself says that it now stands for beautiful, healthy and above all fair products. Herbs and spices are still important, but cosmetics and oils are now also widely sold. And since not too long, CBD has also been a signature ingredient of the company. According to Hooy, this CBD oil (5% – 30 ml) is bought by many people who say they use the oil for various ailments. The popularity is immense.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a substance from the cannabis plant. Although every component of the cannabis plant was still a taboo a few years ago, CBD has for some time become a widely accepted ingredient. A major reason for this is that CBD is not psychotropic, which means that CBD cannot get you high or stoned – as can happen with THC oil. Unlike THC, CBD is completely legal in the Netherlands, and that also applies to all products that can be purchased ready-made in our webshop.

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The company was founded in Amsterdam in the mid-18th century, by – of course – Mr Jacob Hooy. At first it was mainly focused on the sale of herbs and spices. Halfway through the 19th century, the company passed into the hands of another family, the Oldenboom family, but the name Jacob Hooy was kept, because it had already become a household name in the Netherlands by then. The head office is now located in the village of Limmen (North Holland).

In addition to CBD oil RAW, we also sell other CBD products from Jacob Hooy. These include the following CBD products: water-soluble CBD, capsules, cream, skin oil, soap, lip balm and coconut oil with CBD.

Jacob Hooy uses two different extraction methods for the production of CBD oil RAW.

Did you know that Jacob Hooy is an official purveyor to the Dutch Royal Family? That alone proves the CBD quality of Jacob Hooy, because in the whole of the Netherlands there are only 383 companies with the Royal Warrant Holder.

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Other CBD products from Jacob Hooy

The Dutchman Jacob Hooy opened a shop selling herbs and spices in the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam in 1743. He was only 21 years old at the time. Two years later he moved his shop to the Kloverniersburgwal in Amsterdam. Jacob Hooy’s shop can still be found at this address, although the company now mainly earns its money by selling to wholesalers and retailers.

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Jacob Hooy CBD oil RAW 30 ml – 5% made by CO2 extraction, which removes the ingredients from the plant material of the industrial hemp plant.

The Jacob Hooy company has long since ceased to belong to the Hooy family. In 1846 the company came into the hands of the Oldenboom family. However, they decided not to change the company name and that is why Jacob Hooy is also in the 21 e century still a well-known brand that stands for quality and reliability.

CBD oil RAW 2,5%

Jacob Hooy uses CO2,5 extraction for the production of CBD oil RAW with 2% CBD.

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