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cbd olía ísland

Cbd olía ísland

Um þessa helgi er afsláttur á völdum vörum á

Ozon ehf – Innflutningur – Heildsala – Smásala

Afsláttarhelgi Svartur Fössari og Cyber Monday

Ozon hefur samið við Le-kku frá Slovaníu um innflutning á CBD vörumLe-kku fer eftir ströngustu kröfum sem gerðar eru um hampframleiðslu At Le-kku we have set the highest standards for us, when it comes to quality and consistency of our products. As a fully vertically integrated company, we guarantee the highest quality Industrial Hemp derived …

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Ozon dreifir CBD snyrtivörum í apótek, Hagkaup, Fjarðarkaup og Heimkaup undir gæðamerkinu Gott CBDGott CBD stendur fyrir það að framleiðandi fari eftir ströngustu kröfum sem EU setur.

Cbd olía ísland

A single drop is all you need.

Icelandic culture dictates that nothing is more valuable than our word.

Pure Simplicity


We promise not to obscure the latest in scientific advancements or blur the truth. We will always be fair and faithful to our clients and partners. We will move the company forward in the best interest of people and planet. We will seek out organic options that are cruelty free and have the lowest environmental impact.

We believe in the raw power of nature, amplified. We use science to purify our cannabis plant extracts to 99% pure ingredient isolates. Our products are combinations of plant extracts and oils that are then enriched with isolates like CBD to provide precise and highly concentrated formulations. Our goal is to amplify the good and compound the bare minimum ingredients needed to deliver the desired effect to the body.


Reluctant to switch and want a boost for your existing applications? Accessorize with a drop on top.

Formulated for maximum efficiency, our enhancement oil is a clean alternative to treat "issue tissue” (a.k.a. grumpy skin).

Please note that this list does not include all of the practitioners registered with the Department to certify patients for medical marijuana. The list displayed below includes only those practitioners who have consented to be listed on the Department’s public website. Additional registered practitioners have either not consented to have their information listed or have consented to only being listed within the Department’s Health Commerce System (HCS). The list of registered practitioners within the HCS can be accessed by a patient’s treating practitioner.