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cbd oil spray benefits

Cbd oil spray benefits

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What is CBD?

Facts about wellness.

A Scam?

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Cbd oil spray benefits

CBD sprays come in various strengths — anywhere from 500–5000MG per standard 1oz (30 ml) bottle.

Companies will create their ideal broad-spectrum ratio of phytochemicals by combining a CBD isolate extract with certain cannabinoids and terpenes for more control and consistency in their products.

The draw to CBD oil sprays over CBD oils in dropper bottles is that it delivers a consistent dose with each spray. Most companies will label how much each spray administers, so you can find a strength size that closely matches your ideal dose.

Thanks to the Farm Bill (2018), hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3% is legal throughout the United States. America has a long history of hemp agriculture and is a leader in the cannabis space, making the US CBD industry one of the fastest evolving markets.

CBD Potency

However, they do contain trace amounts of THC (up to the legal threshold of 0.3%), making it restricted in some countries. And because of its nature as a minimally processed extract, there are possible variables in phytochemical ratios in one batch from another.

The real attraction of a CBD spray is that you get the benefits of a regular CBD oil — the fast onset of effects — with the convenience you get from pre-measured capsules.

If you’re looking to use CBD as an everyday supplement to maintain your health, spray CBD beneath the tongue in the morning.

THC-Free Broad-Spectrum CBD Sprays

The term “isolate” means it only contains one compound, cannabidiol. The extraction process involves stripping away all organic plant matter, cannabinoids, and terpenes leaving behind pure CBD.

Thankfully, there are brands out there who make their customers’ safety and trust a priority.