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cbd oil hangover

Cbd oil hangover

The best way to get hangover relief through CBD is to make sure you take the correct dose. Fail to take in enough, and you may not notice any improvements in your symptoms. But, take too much, and you could exacerbate your hangover by triggering lethargy, irritability, and even headaches.

Likewise, research shows that while alcohol leads to neurodegeneration, applying CBD to your skin may reduce this brain fog by up to 50%. Further studies reveal that the compound can also improve your concentration after drinking by interacting with the dopamine receptors that impact memory and focus.

One of the most common ways to take CBD today is by ingesting it within gummies or other edible products. Some people take it as tinctures that they add to drinks or apply directly under their tongue. It usually takes 45 minutes or longer for the effects to kick in, but you’re likely to experience them for several hours after.

Giving your body a dose of CBD can counteract alcohol’s effects in five key ways.

CBD Nasal Inhalers

It’s natural to feel sluggish after heavy drinking. CBD may give you a boost of energy to get back on track. Cannabidiol interacts with your system on a cellular level to bring it back into equilibrium so that you start to recover and get back to baseline faster.

While these treats make medicating yourself feel like indulging in candy, they offer the lowest bioavailability of all CBD delivery forms. CBD is fat-soluble, which makes it challenging for your body to absorb. The bioavailability averages between 6-19%, which means that most of the CBD leaves your system as waste.

If you’re stressed during a hangover, CBD can relax your mind so you recover faster.

3. Prevents Anxiety and Depression

Compounding things, alcohol is a diuretic. If you aren’t sipping water throughout the night, you’ll end up dealing with dehydration symptoms that can make even mild hangovers more punishing.

A night out drinking can trigger feelings of anxiety and depression by increasing your brain’s cortisol levels. CBD acts similarly to anti-anxiety medications by interacting with your serotonin receptors to slow down your cortisol response and restore a feeling of emotional balance.

Cbd oil hangover

Animal studies [10] on chronic alcohol use disorder indicate that CBD can reduce overall consumption of alcohol levels by reducing the intake of ethanol and the motivation for ethanol, relapse, impulsivity, and anxiety. Apart from this, CBD also reduces lipid accumulation in the liver, stimulating autophagy, reducing oxidative stress, modulating inflammation, and inducing death in activated hepatic stellate cells. Furthermore, CBD reduces the brain damage related to alcohol, prevents neuronal loss with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory properties.

Sublingual absorption [13] is tops in the list of bioavailability as it has the highest rate of absorption when compared to any other form. CBD works at a faster rate in sublingual administration. Hence many people prefer CBD products that can be consumed sublingually as it adds more value to their purchase. Taking CBD sublingually shows effects in less than 60 seconds. This makes it a great option for instant relief from hangover headaches, migraines.

Updated on September 8, 2021 – Written by Dr. Lakshmi Vemuri
Medically reviewed by Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN

How To Use CBD Oil For Hangover?

To know about all the benefits CBD offers in treating hangovers, let us first know the symptoms and how the symptoms affect us.

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Inhaled CBD

In addition to this, these effects may vary between individuals, so this makes it difficult to determine whether mixing both affect all of them in similar ways. Moreover, most of the research conducted in recent times focuses on the effects of drinking alcohol in high amounts with CBD, instead of the effects of few alcoholic drinks. Effects of moderate and occasional consumption are not known.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. Recent studies [14] have proven that CBD can help treat various health issues including the symptoms of a hangover.