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cbd oil from israel

Cbd oil from israel

She said that while THC causes highs, the research suggested that the amount of the compound needed to deliver results are small. “Our study shows that when treating autism with medicinal cannabis oil there is no need for high contents of either CBD or THC,” she said.

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“Studies that are underway mostly don’t focus enough on the details of what it is in the cannabis that may be helping people,” researcher Shani Poleg told The Times of Israel. “In our study, we looked at the details, and came up with surprising and interesting findings.

Scientists say their work may cause a pivot in research, as it suggests THC is the more promising cannabinoid than CBD

Autistic patients who are informally self-prescribing, and trials currently underway, mostly use cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabis compound famous for mostly avoiding the high.

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Israeli scientists are reporting they have made autistic mice more sociable and less obsessive by giving them cannabis products.

However, after studying large numbers of autistic mice, Tel Aviv University researchers concluded that another compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which does cause highs, may be far more effective.

Cbd oil from israel

The US market focuses on packaged goods and cannabis flower. “There’s a dearth of technology and forward-thinking innovation, partly due to regulatory restrictions and partly due to a cultural perception of cannabis as a stoner drug,” says Rubin.

Skinceuticals and cosmetics containing bioactive cannabinoids and terpenes represent another “nascent market, growing trend and huge opportunity for growth,” he adds.

Intimacy products present a new and potentially popular direction on the market, says Rubin. “But there is little research and we’re exploring ways of using cannabis-derived products to remedy various challenges around intimacy.”

Rubin says Day Three’s team is fully plugged into the small but accomplished Israeli cannabis science community, providing an advantage for clients.

‘There is a real need to have differentiated products on the shelves. That requires innovation, and Israel is the gateway to innovation for cannabis.’

Day Three Labs was launched earlier this year to bring Israel’s renowned cannabis science and innovation into the picture.

“We hear from brands that there is a real need to have differentiated products on the shelves,” says CEO and co-founder Josh Rubin, 35.

That market encompasses health and wellness, skinceuticals, cosmetics, foods and beverages, sports training and recovery, personal and oral care, women’s and men’s health, intimacy and pet care.

Rubin works there with Chief Growth Officer Julie Suntrup, former head of marketing for American cannabis products firm LivWell Enlightened Health.

“That requires innovation, and Israel is the gateway to innovation for cannabis. Our idea is how to best deliver that innovation to the American consumer.”