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cbd oil for toothache

Cbd oil for toothache

Topical application of CBD seems to bring the most relief for other forms of pain, so it seems like this would be the case with dental pain, too.

Many people dislike going to the dentist, and some may become extremely anxious about it. Some dentists recommend that such patients take CBD oil before their visit, not only to calm the patient’s nervousness, but also speed up the healing process after a dental procedure. Continuing to take it after the visit will relieve the pain and inflammation caused by dental work. An added bonus is that CBD oil has very few side effects, unlike other anti-inflammatories and painkillers on the market.

To understand the link between CBD and dental pain, we need to first examine what causes toothaches. Then we’ll be able to look at how CBD may be able to help.

However, It’s important to see a dentist who can treat the cause of the pain. Simply using CBD for your dental pain will not actually cure the problem.

Does CBD Cause Dry Mouth?

Infections, such as abscesses, are probably the biggest causes of toothaches. Abscesses affect both the gums and surrounding bones and can cause a lot of damage if left untreated.

Can CBD help with any of this? Research has shown that compounds found in cannabis, like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), help with inflammation and are antioxidants. These properties allow them to help ease many kinds of pain, and there’s no reason why dental pain should be any different. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also antibacterial and antiseptic.

Of course, it’s going to take a lot more research than just one study of rats before dental professionals accept and use CBD widely.

CBD for Dentist-Related Anxiety

Most dental pain is caused by pulpitis, or an infection inside the tooth itself. The middle of the tooth is soft and pulpy, which is where the nerves and blood vessels are found. The nerves enable us to feel temperature and touch through our teeth. When the pulp is infected or damaged, we feel pain.

Apply the CBD oil directly to the painful area in the mouth. Whether you use an oral spray, oil, or tincture, topical application like this is safe and fast-acting. Capsules are another option.

Cbd oil for toothache

Ibuprofen [16] is the recommended drug for tooth nerve pain.

A lot of people using CBD oil have seen tremendous positive benefits. Using hemp plants may help your dental health as well. Taking CBD of high-quality ingredients can help people deal with tooth pain better and even applying it to the affected area can be used as well.

But this is just one study and we don’t know if it’s 100% certain since more studies have to be done to properly determine if this is true or not.

One major cause of toothaches could be post-surgery pain. Even a simple operation like tooth extraction can be painful and taking CBD capsules or other CBD products might help relieve the pain especially if you apply a cotton swab with CBD directly to the affected area.

Final thought – Can CBD help?

According to the American Psychological Association [4] , stress is known to weaken the immune system. CBD isn’t just for pain relief as it has other helpful health benefits as well. Quality CBD can help with recovery and strengthening the immune system as well by reducing stress.

An article [8] published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry states that pericoronitis is a condition seen in a lot of teens and adults with its development caused by many different factors.

Depending on the origin and cause of the pain, there are different treatments for things like using analgesics, antibiotics, and even changing your dental health habits. In some cases, you might have to take anti-inflammatory drugs for pain management.

CBD and Tooth Pain

Dr. Benjamin Hornstein a dentistry practitioner in Beachwood and author at The Center for Advanced Dentistry [12] has written content about how CBD oil has numerous health benefits that also particularly target one’s oral health especially the teeth when it comes to toothache.

As mentioned above, some methods for dealing with tooth pain might require you to take anti-inflammatory medicine as well as for helping you deal with pain relief. Fortunately for you, cannabidiol has the properties of both pain relief and reducing inflammation.