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cbd oil for fearful dogs

Cbd oil for fearful dogs

The pre-study survey established a baseline for 20 behaviors that typically indicate stress (for example, how a dog reacts when people come to the door, travels in a car, interacts with other dogs, behaves when left alone and so forth). After the dogs had taken the weight-appropriate daily chew for two weeks, their owners completed a second survey, which was used to assess changes in behavior.

There are at least two categories of information: what we believe and what we know. Moving from the former to the latter is where the scientific method comes in: formulate a hypothesis, test that hypothesis, then see if the results can be replicated.


This questionnaire-based study demonstrated that anecdotal reports from veterinarians and dog owners about the beneficial effects of CBD on canine anxiety have scientific merit. (For more details, read the white paper, “The Positive Behavioral Impact of a CBD-containing Nutraceutical Formulation on Privately-Owned Dogs.”)

Financial Disclosure: The study was underwritten by Okoa Pet, a woman-owned company whose primary products are premium hemp soft chews for dogs and cats; Dr. Silver serves as its veterinary science officer.

Is Your Dog Anxious? Sign Him Up for the New Study.

It must also be noted that although the results are positive, observational studies have limitations—primarily, there’s no control group and (in this case) the results rely on the participants’ subjective observations of their dogs’ behavior. However, the fact that a large sample group was used and generated a high statistical significance does strongly suggest that these results reflect the actual effect of the test material.

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Cbd oil for fearful dogs

Reduces or kills tumors

Regulates blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabitis and insulin sensitivity

The problem with giving anxious dogs (especially guardian breeds) a medication that makes them feel impaired, is that it can make the anxiety a lot worse. I have seen this time and again with dogs that I’ve been called in to work with.

Here’s How CBD Can Help Anxious Dogs

Inflammation (including neuroinflammation)

Relieve of arthritis pain

Use It in Conjunction with Training for Best Results

Improves post surgical healing

Chronic pain reliever with no side effects