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cbd oil for basal cell carcinoma

Cbd oil for basal cell carcinoma

Different CBD products come in different concentrations but Spruce CBD offers a medium-strength and a high-strength option to keep things simple.

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When shopping for CBD oil, it’s important to search for a company that uses high-quality hemp-derived cannabis oil. CBD products should be tested by a third-party lab for purity and potency, and you should check for added ingredients as well. There is no standard dosage for cannabidiol products, so follow your doctor’s advice. Dosing guidelines vary depending on the concentration of the product you choose, so refer to the instructions on the package as well.

Though more research is needed, some studies have shown cannabis oil to provide various anticancer benefits. According to a review of CBD as an anticancer drug [15] , it has been shown to “successfully induce cell death, inhibit cell migration and invasion in vitro, decrease tumor size, vascularization, growth, and weight, and increase survival and induce tumor regression.”


Merkel cell cancer is a rare, highly aggressive, and fast-growing form of skin cancer. It develops in the hormone-producing cells found just beneath the skin, typically on the head and neck area. It is also known as neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin. Melanoma affects the pigment-producing cells in the skin called melanocytes and it is the most serious form of skin cancer. Other rare skin cancers include lymphomas, Karposi sarcoma, and skin adnexal tumors.

Cbd oil for basal cell carcinoma

The proposed mechanisms of action of cannabis oil are plausible but unfortunately that does not make it safe or effective.

Cannabinoids do bind to receptors which are present in many cells and there is some evidence in highly controlled laboratory circumstances that cannabinoids may inhibit some cancers. Sadly, there is also evidence that it may actually accelerate growth in others. There have been no useful trials in living humans and animal trials are not conclusive. The link at the end of this article gives more information and is maintained by the Uk Cancer Society so may be seen as a trusted and valid reference.

Addendum September 2016:

If you think you may have a skin cancer, please make an appointment – our doctors are very good at skin diagnoses and can give you proper treatment advice from leaving harmless things alone through creams to surgical removal if required.

Cannabis oil is of course illegal in New Zealand so as a treatment option it is not valid in any case. Hemp oil contains cannabinoids but the concentration is much lower.