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cbd oil for add

Cbd oil for add

Before you try CBD oil for ADHD, make sure to ask your GP for advice and treat it like you would any other health supplement. CBD isn’t a cure-all, but it’s a versatile tool for improving one’s mental and physical well-being.

CBD is everywhere right now and there’s a large degree of difference when it comes to the quality of CBD products. In fact, no two CBD oils are made the same.

I’ve been taking the oil for 5 weeks now and I can tell a difference in how my body responds to stress. I feel less anxious in the morning and can easily get through my daily duties without that pesky tension at the back of my head. I was surprised by the quality of this CBD oil. Although I generally benefit from lower potencies due to my weight, with this oil, I’ve noticed that I need even less than with some apparently stronger products from other brands.

It’s too early to consider CBD oil as a conventional treatment option for ADHD. The majority of research surrounding this subject revolves around using cannabis for symptom management, but even those findings are inconclusive.

CBD Oil for ADHD Treatment: Key Takeaways

Higher concentrations of endocannabinoids may lead to a number of benefits, including reduced stress, hyperactivity, and improved focus.

Most reports on CBD in children come from case studies or anecdotal evidence presented by doctors, researchers, and patients.


Best CBD Oil for ADHD (Top Brands for 2021)

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Before you decide to try CBD oil to treat ADHD, it is important to consider the available research. Most importantly, you should always talk to your doctor before you try any alternative remedies.

So should you try CBD oil for ADHD? Some important things to remember:

CBD May Reduce Hyperactivity

While such results suggest that cannabis and cannabinoid compounds have promise as treatments for ADHD, they don’t indicate that CBD oil on its own might have an impact on the symptoms of the condition. Further research is also needed to determine the role that the endocannabinoid system plays in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Even the available studies on the use of marijuana in the treatment of ADHD is very limited. Many of these studies also rely on self-reported data, which does not provide as much support as a randomized clinical trial.

We aimed to identify best evidence from published literature for effectiveness of cannabinoid products in controlling symptoms of ADHD and its associated common co-morbidities.

Limited RCT against placebo showed positive effect of CBD in improving core ADHD symptoms among adults over a 6 week period with no negative effect on cognitive function. Limited study of CBD-based medicines, given as adjunct to pharmaco- and psychotherapy, suggest promising improvement in the symptoms of ADHD and many co-morbid mental, social, communication, behavioral and motor disorders in adults.

Methods We systematically searched several health and social science databasses for relevant published articles using keywords including ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, ‘ADHD’, ‘Disruptive Behaviour Disorders’, ‘cannabinoids’, ‘cannabidiol’, ‘cannabi*’ and ‘CBD’.

Results 7/11 relevant papers were related to adults while 4 were about children and young people (CYP) with ADHD. There is a dose-related association between chronic heavy regular use of cannabis and ADHD symptoms in adults. This is likely due to many adult ADHD patient self-medicating with cannabis. Chronic abuse of Cannabis is associated with abuse of other substances, including ecstasy (MDMA) and methamphetamines.