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cbd oil celiac

According to studies, Celiac disease can lead to nerve damage 9 . CBD can be a solution for neuropathy pain 10 , as it has neuroprotective 11 and neurodegenerative 12 properties. Taking CBD oil, can therefore, help repair this damage for better nerve function.

This article highlights and discusses the benefits, uses, and dosage of CBD oil for celiac disease.

How To Use CBD To Treat Celiac Disease

Once severe damage occurs to the villi, your small intestines become “malfunctional”, thus making it hard for them to take up nutrients from passing food. This can lead to a condition of malnourishment and in some severe cases to loss of bone density, miscarriages, neurological disorders, and infertility. The other symptoms you should look out for include diarrhea, bloating, excess gas, fatigue, weight loss, iron-deficiency anemia, constipation, an itchy rash, and mouth ulcers. In adults, celiac disease is a bit complicated because it may pave way for other health conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, liver disorders, depression, seizures, and dermatitis herpetiformis 5 .

Based on the various studies available, it is clear that the relation between CBD oil and celiac disease exists. CBD oil can relieve inflammation in the nervous and immune system in addition to eliminating other symptoms like pain. This will also improve the quality of sleep while improving appetite.

What Is Celiac Disease?

To find the perfect dose of CBD for your specific case, you may have to experiment a bit and look for signs of improvement. A great guide to CBD dosage is the step-up method, developed by L einow & Birnbaum in their book “CBD: A patient’s guide to Medical Cannabis” 15 . The authors recommend starting with a lower dose and slowly increasing it until symptoms improve.

Cbd oil celiac

Where do you buy yours? I just did some quick google search and I'm very intrigued.

Just wondering if anyone here uses CBD oil to help manage their celiac/got-glutened symptoms. I had experimented with it a little previously with good results but I had a chance to test it out yesterday in the middle of a gluten episode.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I am cautiously optimistic that CBD oil may actually help alleviate a celiac reaction. It's kind of expensive so I would love to hear the input of others before I go out and buy any. Thanks!

A lot of technical terminology in there, but basically what I got is people with celiac disease that eat gluten have CB2 receptors 6x higher than normal. After 12 months of a gluten free diet, their CB2s are close to, or at normal range. CB1 receptors were still elevated, meaning CB2 is the primary target of celiac disease. Basically, people eating gluten, when they aren't supposed to are much more receptive to cannabinoids. It was also found that gluten-induced damage was the cause for the drastic CB2 increase, at least at the protein level.

However, I've gotten away with things in the last two years that I never would have gotten away with before that. I think the biggest thing is the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has. Check out this study though!