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cbd native ads

Unlike banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads. It looks like an organic content that provides the kind of information that the audience is ready to consume.

To be considered a native advertisement, this type of content should blend well with the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.

To simply put it, Native Advertising is a paid content such as infographics, videos, articles that are created my content producers so corporations can buy it and promote it to publishing platforms.

CBD products can benefit from using native ads by creating content that blends well with health and wellness topics or general knowledge about CBD. The best thing about this is you can capture an already engaged audience with messages that totally fit with their surrounding online environment.

Tips and Tricks on Native Advertising

1) Set your campaign goals

1) Scale: This refers to the number of your target audience the platform reaches out to.

There are six types of native adverts, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau:

How to pick the right native advertising option for your CBD company

Another native advertising platform that CBD businesses can use to market their products, services, or content is Outbrain.

You probably have other aspects of your CBD business to cater to. So, you can outsource the job of choosing publishers to run your adverts on.

Mantis is one of the few platforms that explicitly state that it can help you advertise cannabis content to products.

3) Advertise Cannabis Products with Mantis

Prohibited categories

Native advertising has become popular among advertisers and publishers because it satisfies both party’s needs.