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cbd mlm canada

The company acknowledged the problems this could cause for its Canadian affiliates who were building their HempWorx businesses.

HempWorx, a Las Vegas-based multi-level marketing company sold the oil through a network of Canadian affiliates.

"It's very hard for the public to tell the difference."

On Friday, the company sent out an email to affiliates announcing it was "temporarily suspending HempWorx from sale in Canada until licensing has been awarded by Health Canada."

'Completely different'

A company selling cannabidiol oil has suspended sales in Canada after a CBC News investigation revealed its product is illegal.

It is not clear what type of licensing the company was seeking from the health regulator but the email said it made the application nine months ago.

Multiple messages to HempWorx were not returned. In April, one of its Winnipeg-based affiliates told CBC News that its sale is "100 per cent legal."

HempWorx affiliates claimed CBD oil was '100 per cent legal,' but federal agencies disagreed

She suggested consumers should look to what Health Canada says about a product, and look for results from "randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials."

Dr. Jen Gunter, a Winnipeg-born obstetrician-gynecologist who focuses specifically on celebrity wellness trends, says the advertising for such products sounds the same as health products that have been approved for sale in Canada.

Cbd mlm canada

Well please read on as we take a quick look at a short story of great importance. This situation we are all in really is pretty easy to see the gold mine before us, but how will this all play out?

Admittedly the CBD situation in Canada has been frustrating for many Canadians who have gotten a taste of the CBD benefits.

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