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cbd microdosing

Cbd microdosing

Microdosing with CBD oil | Microdosing with CBD oil as a sublingual is probably one of the easiest methods to follow: just bring your favorite oil with you as you go about your day, and measure out your microdose every few hours. Don’t forget to hold the oil under your tongue before fully ingesting, just as you would with traditional CBD dosing.

Ultimately, the goal of microdosing is to feed your body a steady stream of plant cannabinoids so it can begin producing more inner cannabinoids over time.

Regardless of what your preferred daily dose is, there’s growing evidence that spreading your intake out over the course of the day through microdosing can heighten the benefits of CBD.

  • More hope
  • Better focus
  • More stable mood
  • More stable energy
  • A brighter outlook
  • Reduced substance dependency

What the Research Says About Microdosing

Just because it hasn’t undergone clinical research yet, doesn’t mean microdosing doesn’t offer benefits—or that it won’t be studied more extensively in the future. Most discoveries in the health and wellness space, afterall, start as trends used effectively by individuals before researchers catch up to the moment.

CBD dosing is highly individualized—and the benefits are widespread. Different people benefit from different amounts of CBD than others, even if their health status and concerns appear to be completely the same.

– Dr. Dustin Sulak

When Microdosing Works Best

One’s optimal dose seems to be inversely correlated to their endocannabinoid levels; those with high levels of eCB’s need less CBD, while those with lower levels need more.

But, if you’re someone who relies on CBD to keep stress levels in check or boost focus and productivity throughout your workday or training schedule, microdosing could be an ideal method for your needs.

For those who take CBD to address chronic pain, microdosing can offer a great solution. Instead of one larger dose of CBD at the beginning of the day which risks wearing off in the afternoon, microdosing offers a more consistent level of support to the endocannabinoid system.

Exercise recovery

Depending on the reason someone is taking CBD and their desired effects, this can be a more beneficial way to take CBD.

Addressing pain

So, if you use CBD and have six drops in the morning and six drops before bed, instead try and space those out throughout the day, so why not try two drops an hour for 12 hours? Of course, you should always be careful to not up the amount you are taking drastically as you start microdosing but take the ‘slowly surely’ approach.