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cbd medical training

Learn About the Health Effects of Cannabis and CBD. As a patient or health care provider, you will learn about the risks and benefits of different types of cannabis and CBD products and will learn how to use cannabis in ways that minimize the risks and maximize any potential benefits.

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Learn about the barriers and approaches to cannabis research.

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The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCIGlobal) aims to educate researchers seeking to gain a broader understanding of the medical use of cannabis. Since 2013, TMCIGlobal has provided accredited medical cannabis education to healthcare practitioners.

TMCIGlobal has provided cannabis education to knowledge seekers all across the United States, and in 34 countries across six continents. Through our site, learners have earned over 36,000 hours of continuing education credit.

Bridging the Gap for Medical Professionals

TMCIGlobal’s faculty includes subject matter experts and leading medical professionals working together to develop the highest-quality medical cannabis education.