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Selling CBD is malls can also help consumers gain access to quality CBD products. In many areas where marijuana isn’t legal CBD is available, but is often unregulated. The result is that a number of products customers are able to buy are either poor quality or in some cases, not CBD at all. By offering CBD at a mall location customers will have direct access to a way to purchase the legitimate items they want.

Kiosks in malls could also potentially encourage more people to try CBD and potentially experience the benefits of doing so. In a recent study 51% of seniors that have tried CBD products have found that they offered them a better quality of life; however, only 9% of seniors have actually tried CBD. A mall kiosk might make that more accessible.

Bringing CBD into malls could offer a number of different benefits for the cannabis market.

The products will be available in 95 shopping malls around the country that are run by Simon Property Group in 108 locations. Each location will offer roughly 40 different kinds of CBD-infused products, specifically topical beauty products, that will sell for between $19-$29 each. The stores currently will not sell tablets, edibles, or tinctures.

For one, it will bring cannabis, specifically CBD, more into the public eye. By making the products available in mainstream locations, it will not only help destigmatize cannabis in areas where marijuana might not currently be legalized, but it can also help educate considers about the potential benefits of incorporating CBD into their own personal wellness routine.

The next time you head to the mall, you might be able to pick up some CBD. Green Growth Brands recently made a deal with one of the largest retail developers in the U.S. to “unleash a wave of kiosks and stores” that are selling its Seventh Sense brand of hemp-based CBD.

Another thing helping fuel those sales: Celebrities have started to talk about the benefits of CBD, and some have started to launch their own lines of CBD. Willie Nelson, for instance, launched his own CBD line in February, and news recently surfaced that Martha Stewart is developing her own CBD line as well.

Analysts expect the CBD market to grow dramatically in the coming years. According to a recent report from Cowen, nearly 7% of Americans are already using CBD. The most popular way for consumers to inject CBD is through tinctures, which claimed 44% of the market. Topicals accounted for 26% of the market, capsules 22% and beverages 19%.

The first kiosk opened in Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY this month, The Wall Street Journal reports. The next location is expected to be at Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis.

Mara McCalmon said they’ve seen the need for another location develop over the years and this gives customers in Port Huron and Fort Gratiot a closer store.

“And we get to expand it now in our area,” she said.

He said these products are not a replacement for a medical doctor, but they can complement medical treatment.