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cbd makes me sleepy reddit

Cbd makes me sleepy reddit

It really depends on the strain. Some are more invigorating and others are more sedating. Similar to marijuana without the THC high. Everyone's system reacts differently to different strains so it takes some trial and error to find what will work best for you.

Was looking into trying out actually smoking cbd in the morning before i start work for anxiety, but does in make you too tired to do things?

In my case it does not make you sleepy directly but if you are lying down or trying to fall asleep it will help you calm down and surely you will fall asleep faster than if you did not take it. But if you are doing any activity it does not have to make you sleepy as such, at least for me it is like that. With a high dose you can feel a little sleepy.

Cbd makes me sleepy reddit

Tried the 1,5% spray in the morning and could slightly feel the relaxation effect. It really made me the next 3 hours tired as well, so id rather avoid that if i need to drive and have lots of work.

Ive tried some cbd paste from a local store with no effect whatsoever, then i ordered a 1,5% and 3% bottle spray from The last order is on its way, from

Do you guys have this effect too? Ive read some reviews that said it makes you sleepy, which is ok in the evening. but during the day? Im very sensitive to coffein, thats why thats unfortunately no solution as well.