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There are many ways to take CBD. You can eat it, use it sublingually, topically, and vape it, just to name a few. We designed our CBD Disposable Vape Pen line because vaping CBD is the fastest way to uptake 100% of the bioavailabilty. When you eat CBD up to 70% can get lost in the liver leaving only 30% available for uptake. Sublingual is a great alternative method for use, if done correctly. It must be place under the tongue for around 90 second to receive the full bioavailabilty. This method takes a little longer for the uptake but lasts longer in the system. Topical use is a great method for spot use. But for ease of use, efficacy and discretion our CBD Disposable Vape Pen line can’t be beat.

Organic Japanese cotton wick no artificial flavors VEG, PEG and PG free.

Cbd luxe be clear

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With a passion for innovation, CBD Luxe is taking the CBD community by storm. They are committed to maintaining rigorous pharmacological standards for an unmatched level of purity, quality, and efficacy. CBD Luxe specializes in micelle technology, a type of CBD Nano-cell that offers an amazingly targeted and rapid delivery method through inhalers.

BE Labs, makers of CBD Luxe, understand that the good health and well-being of our families are the most important aspects of life. They combine diligent research, development, and intelligent minds with organic ingredients and convenient delivery systems.

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