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cbd lube endometriosis

Cbd lube endometriosis

Normally, your body has tools to prevent the growth of aberrant cells and to destroy them ( apoptosis ) before they become a problem. Unfortunately, apoptosis seems to be impaired in people who suffer from endometriosis and similar disorders.

Similar research has shown that activating these receptors inhibits endometriotic tissue from proliferating in mice.

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, then you’re probably already aware that there’s currently no cure. The treatments offered by doctors — including painkillers, hormone therapy, and risky surgical procedures — are aimed at merely holding the endometriosis in check. And they are often ineffective at that.

Starving the Bloodsuckers

Whether or not you incorporate cannabinoids into your self-care routine, there are many alternative treatments available if a purely pharmaceutical or medical treatment is falling short.

Although research on the influence of cannabinoids on endometriotic vascularization is limited, multiple studies have shown that both THC and CBD can inhibit vascularization of cancerous lesions.

CBD vs Painful Nerves

CBD also helps relieve feelings of pain, but through other targets. Most notably, CBD is capable of desensitizing the pain receptor TRPV1 .

In fact, imbalances in these neurotransmitters are often linked to reproductive complications and diseases — including endometriosis — and it seems that careful use of phytocannabinoid supplements, topicals, and suppositories could make a huge difference in the underlying imbalance. How?

Since the the oil helped her feel better, she started experimenting with CBD-infused lubricants. Cannabidiol isn’t regulated by the FDA (neither are multivitamins), so there isn’t one specific dose to recommend. But after working with a chemist in Colorado, Koehler decided on 25 mg of CBD per individual pouch of lubricant.

(TIP: This lube is not a good choice if you are using condoms to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. The oil will degrade the latex.)

So when I came across cannabidiol-infused lube from Privvy Peach, a hemp-derived CBD company focused on women’s wellness, I decided to give a shot. But I don’t trust anything on the internet, so I decided to interview the founder first.

Did it help for sex?

Koehler told me CBD should relax muscles and increase circulation in the vagina, which can intensify pleasureable feelings. While my pelvic tension didn’t magically disappear, the lube did seem to increase sensitivity in my vagina and amplify my orgasm.

Each box comes with 10 individual packages of lubricant. It costs $45, and if you use the whole pouch, that comes out to $4.50 per sex session. Instructions say to put the lube in 10 or 15 minutes before you want to have sex. So that’s what I did. But before applying it, I put down a towel. Oil-based lubes can be runny and stain the sheets.

Was it worth it?

While it was a little awkward just waiting for it to settle in, it did help jumpstart sex once my husband and I got going. Sometimes I can get subconsciously anxious because I don’t know what kind of pain I will experience. Will my pelvis be tense? Is my scar tissue acting up? Am I self-lubricating enough? Already having moisture helped ease my anxiety and also made penetration easier from the start.

Kim Koehler told me she started the company because she suffered from terrible pelvic pain and sexual anxiety, and taking CBD orally helped her regain a normal sex life.