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cbd lozenges

These throat-soothing lozenges offer a smooth and satisfying way for CBD lovers to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol on-demand, on-the-go, and with no muss or fuss. Because each lozenge delivers a quick-and-easy dose of CBD, these products make it easy to take control of your health by renewing your dosage on demand. And because they are so discreet and portable, CBD lozenges are ideal for many users looking to enjoy CBD on the go. Whatever your reasons may be, these lozenges are sure to please!

With 6 delicious flavors, just put one of them in your mouth and let all the potential of the purest CBD enter your body as the lozenges dissolve! And like all of our CBD products, it is made using our state of the art processing for purity + potency + quality + consistency – that we GUARANTEE or your money back!

Ingredients: Isomalt, Water, Stevia*, Color*, Hemp Seed Oil*, CO2 Extracted CBD Hemp Oil*, Flavors*. (*Organic)

Our product’s THC is below 0.01% meaning you won’t get high.

Available in 4 packs of 5mg pieces for easy microdosing.

A different way to enjoy all the benefits of Organic Full Spectrum CBD HEMP Oil – Lozenges!