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cbd lozenges for pain

But be wary of the products you buy and do your research. Some cannabis products work while many don’t, mainly due to lack of regulatory testing from the powers that be and quality control within companies, which is apparently common in the cannabis industry. Your best bet to avoid buying bogus products is to purchase your goods in states where cannabis is legal—because certain systems, standards, and protocols have already been put in place (such as seed-to-sale tracking).

Cheeba Chews has a major fan base partially because of its potency and consistent dosage. And for . [+] good reason. Each miniscule 1:1 chew contains 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD. So consume it with caution.

“Skepticism comes from lack of understanding. I have treated many patients with chronic conditions with full spectrum CBD and attained great results,” Dr. Amin says. “I also believe the public needs to understand that CBD works in conjunction with THC. Usually this requires at least 3–5% THC to work for serious forms of pain and more chronic medical conditions. I have patients come in with chronic and severe pain expecting to have their pain alleviated with just CBD. Although CBD works well for pain, in many situations patients with severe pain need to have some THC. [The cannabinoids ] work synergistically to help ease severe pain.”

These throat-soothing lozenges offer a smooth and satisfying way for CBD lovers to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol on-demand, on-the-go, and with no muss or fuss. Because each lozenge delivers a quick-and-easy dose of CBD, these products make it easy to take control of your health by renewing your dosage on demand. And because they are so discreet and portable, CBD lozenges are ideal for many users looking to enjoy CBD on the go. Whatever your reasons may be, these lozenges are sure to please!