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cbd london planner

Cbd london planner

anuary 1 is on its way and along with a new year, this time the clock striking midnight will also see us enter a brand new decade.

Papier x Desmond & Dempsey The Jag

This super sweet wall planner is perfect for children with seasonal illustrations dotted around and inbetween important dates of the year like Valentine’s Day, Easter, the Queen’s official birthday and Guy Fawkes Night. There are handy markers to show where the clocks change and seasons are colour blocked, with summer in a cheery yellow.

2020 Illustrated Wall Planner/Calendar/Organiser/Poster (Compact A2 Size) with Stickers

2020 is your year. We feel it in our fingers, as well as our toes. Conquer the upcoming 365 days with this 88-page planner, named fittingly enough Master Plan in gold coloured embossed letters. The striking red cover is made with vegan leather and encases lined note pages and postcards.

Cbd london planner

This magical Ancient Chinese herb is the definition of beauty on the inside and out! It promises to nourish your hair and skin, while stimulating your spiritual nature. Yes please!

Our self-care boutique is available both in store and online. We have carefully curated products from around the world to help you create daily rituals from morning crystal face rolling or nighttime masking.

Our café at 70 Mortimer Street is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a moon milk, matcha or pitaya bowl.

Glow At Home Planner

Glow At Home Planner *FREE*

Moon Milks® are functional lattes designed to heal and nourish you through the power of healing herbs and superfoods. The Yoni Moon Milk® was created to be your BFF during any time of your cycle.

Infrared saunas are significantly different from your traditional high heat, high moisture sauna experience. Longer sessions with a lower temperature and zero humidity helps your body to heat up gently while maximizing the benefits of an intense sweat session.

100% Ayurvedic feel good magic, our Ashwagandha promises to calm your body, mind and spirit during times of stress.

What’s the Deal With Infrared Saunas?

The High Vibe Facial Massage is a 60 minute treatment that focuses on relaxation, lymphatic drainage and relief. Our use of manual face massage, combined with crystal tools and CBD, work together in harmony to leave you feeling recharged and totally zen.

We have four private infrared sauna pods which are available to be booked for 45 minute sweat sessions with or without a friend.

Strategists at AKQA make our client’s business their business. Working with account teams and creative teams, they are the voice of both the client and the consumer, and their job rarely ends at strategy. Adept storytellers, strategists use their endless curiosity and up-to-date knowledge of technology, culture and societal trends to provide unique outlooks and solutions for our clients.


At AKQA, we blend the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services. With an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, we design adaptive digital services and applications that capture the imagination, delivering impressive returns for our clients.