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cbd living water price

Cbd living water price

One came from the Journal of the American Medical Association. It found that only 30.95% of the 84 CBD products reviewed were accurately labeled. Others contained excessive amounts of THC or levels of CBD that didn’t resemble the brand’s claims. There are also issues with products containing heavy metals, pesticides, lead, and other chemicals.

At the moment, it is much of a muchness in the CBD water industry. It is hard to prove that nano-technology increases the bioavailability of CBD to the level claimed by brands. Likely, the process ensures that a greater amount of cannabidiol gets to your bloodstream than with orally or sublingually consumed CBD products.

CBD Water Side Effects

In terms of flavor, there shouldn’t be much of a taste because you’re effectively only drinking mineral water with CBD in it. Most brands add up to 25mg of CBD to a bottle of water, so you’re aware of how much of the compound you’re consuming. Also, CBD water is non-intoxicating, and you may feel energetic and refreshed after drinking a bottle.

Where Can I Buy CBD Water?

An Indiana resident named Mamadou Ndiaye, for example, was charged with marijuana possession for owning and using CBD oil. His case was thankfully dismissed, but it only serves to outline the confusion over CBD law.