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cbd living llc

Cbd living llc

Why We’re Different

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Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders have come together to form CBD Living, an international, world-class company producing over 100 CBD (cannabidiol) products far superior to any other CBD product on the market.

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At CBD Living, we utilize three different delivery systems for the absorption of CBD. We are dedicated to not only producing the highest quality CBD, but also providing you with other nutrients that are vital to your health.

Our Latest Insights

Cbd living llc

CBD Living Drinks

One unique aspect of CBD Living is their diverse line of CBD drinks. Their CBD Living Water is one of the top-selling CBD products in the nation and takes convenience to another level. Furthermore, they carry a range of CBD-infused loose leaf teas. Wake up to a refreshing cup of CBD-infused Chai Turmeric Tea or relax at the end of a long day with a steaming mug of CBD-infused Coconut Herbal Tea.

CBD Living carries high quality, nano-CBD-infused topicals that are pleasant to the touch and beneficial to the skin. The CBD Living Freeze roll-on gel will leave you breathless, its mentholated expressions coaxing your skin into blissful relaxation. CBD Living also carries pain patches, suppositories, and a variety of scented or unscented lotions, so you can find the exact topical you are looking for with CBD Living.

CBD Living Capsules

CBD Living carries one of the most expansive lines of CBD-infused edibles on the market. From milk and dark chocolate bars to green apple gummy rings to cherry lozenges, CBD Living edibles have everything you need. Each are packed with potent CBD, offering you your daily dose through a delicious candied vehicle, making your CBD intake fun and an alternative to other, sometimes inefficient ingestion methods. Plus, they’re delicious! Your taste buds will thank you for these wonderful sensations, guaranteed.

CBD Living Oil

CBD Living Edibles

CBD Living Edibles

Founded in 2013 by scientists disappointed with inconsistent CBD products on the market, CBD Living sets the gold standard for excellence. This California brand utilizes nano-hemp extract to craft their unique CBD oil, meaning their CBD has been enzymatically resized so your dose is more powerful and more potent. In addition, all CBD Living products are third-party lab tested, never tested on animals, and use Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible

Cbd living llc

CBD Living Gel Caps are a Perfect 10 – Read my Review and discover the only CBD Gel Caps that utilize both Pure CBD Oil and Nanotechnology to deliver the most effective CBD softgels available anywhere.

CBD Living Gel Caps Product Review – CBD Gel Caps

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CBD Living Gummies Review

What is the difference between your products and Bioreigns? I know they are water soluable products so they are supposed to absorb into the body faster.