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cbd live resin for sale

Dabbing is one of the most popular ways to use any type of cannabis concentrate. With live resin, however, dabbing is even more enjoyable.

Absolutely. Secret Nature is the world’s premier producer of live resin, and our artisanal live resin badder is derived from cold-cured plants harvested in low light. Contact us with wholesale inquiries regarding Secret Nature Live Resin Badder or our vape cartridges, which contain live resin terpenes.

Secret Nature Live Resin Badder is available in two delicious varieties. Both options are offered in 1g containers, and they have similar cannabinoid concentrations. The tech specs for this product are as follows:

Top 3 ways to use live resin

Papaya Nights is the most popular sativa strain we offer at It only made sense, therefore, to make this strain into our flagship live resin product.

Right here at Secret Nature. We offer our CBD live resin products both in consumer quantities and in bulk. For wholesale inquiries, please visit our wholesale FAQ page .

2. Can I buy CBD live resin in bulk?

With live resin, it’s now possible to capture and preserve the essence of this special feeling. Most hemp extracts are made with buds that have already been dried and cured, but CBD live resin captures a snapshot of the exact taste and flavor profile hemp offers in full bloom.

Sour Kush is a hybrid that fully expresses the terpene profile of its kush lineage. This strain also has fruity, tropical undertones are more commonly found, however, in sativas. Creamy and light-colored, the potent aroma of this high-quality live resin extract will be apparent from the moment you open your package.

Looking for something else? Choose a Terpene Profile:

I am very impressed with the live resin! Smooth and full tasting product that evaporates clean in my dab rig. Recommend

Effects: Uplifting, Calm
Fruity, Earthy, Pine, Gassy


San Fernando Valley OG is a timeless classic. The famous sativa-dominant hybrid strain hails from Southern California and delivers a relaxing rush. Earthy and citric notes allow for a versatile and refreshing flavour.

This is absolutely gorgeous stuff, I can’t praise it highly enough. I find it incredibly effective- it won’t get you “high” but it surely gives a lift, especially if you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain- and it tastes amazing too.


Cannabinoid Profile – 1000mg

NOTE: Store in the dark at a temperature of 2 -8º Celcius