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cbd liposomale

Cbd liposomale

Our liposome experts have worked in clinical development of liposomal products, which require the highest quality standards.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the several natural active ingredients of the Cannabis plant. It differs from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in that it lacks the well-known psychoactive effects [1].

Science Based

Our liposomes are essentially non-toxic and biologically degradable.

To make sure that CBD arrives in the gut in its active form, a solution is to incorporate it in liposomes, which are small, carefully designed phospholipid vesicles that form very stable dispersions in water [3]. The phospholipids constitute a bilayer structure in which the CBD molecules can be safely kept dissolved, while at the same time they act as surfactants that help present them to the intestinal epithelial cells in the most optimal manner.

Highly effective

Our liposomal supplements are superior in terms of effectiveness due to our proprietary formulation process and liposomal technology.

Cbd liposomale

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RESET Bioscience’s “uniquely water-based” THC-free cannabinoid ingestible drops are the latest product to leverage Santé Laboratories’ delivery solution for better bioavailability.

RESET’s products come in three varieties: Function CBG, Balance CBD and Restore CBN. (Source: Reset Bioscience) The results showed that CBD when formulated by Santé resulted in faster and more efficient absorption compared to conventional CBD in oil. In comparison, CBD oils were found to only provide 5 to 20 percent absorption.

Pharmacokinetic study
A pharmacokinetic study performed by Santé Laboratories using mini-pigs compared the absorption of CBD when formulated in Santé Laboratories’ delivery system and conventional CBD oils.

A “superior” liposomal composition
Not all liposomes are created equal, notes Sandoval. “In fact, there are several manufacturers claiming their product to be liposomal or ‘nano.’ However no scientifically valid data sets are available to substantiate these claims.”

“It’s alarming, and in my opinion irresponsible, to see brands selling ‘water-soluble’ products to consumers looking for natural products without disclosing the use of surfactants,” adds Ashley Ferguson, VP of business development at RESET Bioscience, which leverages Santé’s technology.

31 Mar 2021 — Santé Laboratories’ liposomal delivery system has been shown in research to provide up to 80 percent absorption of cannabinoids, while overcoming the hydrophobic (will not dissolve in water) properties of these compounds.

“Other technologies that claim to solubilize cannabinoids will often use surfactants to render cannabinoids soluble in solution,” Sandoval explains. “Santé formulas are made without the use of surfactants as it’s important to deliver products without the use of potentially toxic additives.”

“Therefore, in order to overcome these inherent physicochemical properties without the use of conventional oil formulations that are recycled and saturate the market, manufacturers and brands must rely on a formulation technology to deliver cannabinoids like CBD more effectively and responsibly to their customers.”

These cannabinoid products are formulated to contain monodisperse (meaning they are the same), lipid-based nanoparticles of 120 to 150 nm. Nanoparticles below 100 nm used by brands and manufacturers are required to apply as a New Dietary Ingredient with the FDA.

Cbd liposomale

Cibdol provides a wide range of CBD products, including:

After extensive and innovative research, Cibdol concluded in 2018 that adding liposomes to CBD products not only enables quicker absorption of CBD in the body, but also results in a higher percentage of CBD delivered to the blood compared to other carriers, such as olive oil. This led to the development of a completely new range of products.

The new product line is characterised by the use of liposomes as carriers. A liposome is a sort of protective bubble that encapsulates CBD molecules. Using liposomes as carriers, CBD is delivered to the blood up to four times faster than traditional carriers. The percentage of CBD that reaches the blood is increased as well. Conversely, when using olive oil, a higher percentage of CBD is degraded by digestive enzymes in the stomach and never ends up in the blood.

Additional information about Cibdol:

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant, which has the potential to provide a beneficial effect on neurological disorders and many other conditions. This is due to the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which features receptor sites that can be stimulated by phytocannabinoids like CBD. However, CBD is non-psychoactive and non-toxic and therefore doesn’t impact regular functioning. For that reason, it is considered a viable dietary supplement for most of the population.

Cibdol’s liposomal CBD line delivers products of unmatched quality to European markets, providing a faster and more effective form of CBD supplementation.

Additional information about cannabidiol:

Located in Basel, Switzerland , Cibdol utilises the latest scientific methods and only the finest, 100% organic ingredients produced without any synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Cibdol uses a proprietary filtration process to ensure end products of the utmost quality and purity. The company is proud of its comprehensive quality control at all stages throughout production. Every CBD product is tested by an independent third party. For this reason, Cibdol lives up to its claims of quality and transparency. Cibdol provides only reliable products to satisfied customers.