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cbd labs inc

Cbd labs inc

We provide safe, consistent, and effective cannabinoid infusions designed for better consumer experiences.

Our team has unparalleled experience in botanical and cannabinoid science, and our partnership with university researchers ensures we’re always on the cutting edge of scientific development.

Raising the bar for functional ingredients

Consumers use functional products for reasons ranging from general health and wellness to recreation. Unfortunately a lot of these functional products can taste bad, look unappealing and fail to deliver on effect. At Cirona Labs, our solutions are custom-formulated and scientifically tested to ensure it meets specification.

Cirona Labs designs and manufactures cannabinoid ingredients that power innovative products from trusted brands.

A powerful fusion of nature and science

Launching an infused product is filled with unique and unexpected challenges. We know, because we’ve done it before. Our team has a proven CPG track record that can help guide you towards success.

Cbd labs inc

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HAPPY 4/20! Don’t miss out on our CEO, Josh Smith, speaking at the Analytical Cannabis conference today at 4:30 PM-CST. Cannabis as a business is booming all over the world and regardless of whether it is high-THC or low-THC cannabis, it all needs to be tested. As more states and federal governments get involved, the regulations are only increasing. In turn, causing the quality control and safety testing required to increase. With a shortage of available safety compliance l. abs in many states and a backlog that is only going to get worse as the industry grows, many people are looking to jump in on the “ground floor” and start their own lab. But what does that actually entail? It sounds great, but what are you really getting yourself into? In this talk, I will give you a look at what exactly you should be preparing yourself for, including tips and missteps that I made along the way. So if you do decide to join us in this wide-open industry, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. #quality #cannabis #testing #ceo See more

Moving is DONE. Whew! New address is on our website. We’re up and running smoothly in this great new space. Thanks for your patience and support everyone!

WE’RE MOVING! To better serve our clients, we are expanding to a new location in Madison. This may cause a slight delay in processing samples for the next couple weeks while we make sure everything is up and running smoothly at the new location. We deeply appreciate your patience and your business.

WeedWeek interviewed us and a few others about the new DEA rules. Here’s some perspective about all the confusion.

We want to know, what are your biggest complaints about the lab you’re using? I don’t want to drag anyone out, so no lab names please, but what are the big frustrations you are seeing? Is it price? Timing? Communication? Hard to read COAs?

Analytical Cannabis interviewed our CEO, Josh Smith, about the recent DEA rules and the impact they could have on the hemp/CBD industry.

More clinical research showing promise for CBD as a potential treatment for Covid-19.

As an industry, as scientists, we can do better. We need to hold ourselves to high standards and be accountable.