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cbd kiosk kenwood mall

In September, as it worked to open Ohio’s medical-marijuana industry, the state Board of Pharmacy ruled that CBD products can only be sold at Ohio’s 56 state-licensed dispensaries. Those stores are at least a month away from opening. Plus, entry to a dispensary will require a doctor’s recommendation.

“People are nervous buying CBD products at home, from Amazon,” Friedman said as a friend finished assembling a display case. “Now they’ve got a place to shop, where they can see the product for themselves and ask questions.”

But Friedman said he did not want to worry about the state disrupting his business, so he moved across the river. The storefront is less expensive than the kiosk, he added.

The 2014 federal farm law allows the farming of industrial hemp and the making of CBD products. When the Board of Pharmacy issued its CBD ruling in September, local retailers said their products were legal under federal law. The board said they were the functional equivalent of medical marijuana and had to be regulated the same way.

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Cbd kiosk kenwood mall

Jason’s goal is to help people understand the benefits of CBD, how CBD differs from marijuana and how to use it effectively, and to provide people with an in-person source for education and purchasing.

Speaking of products, The Ohio CBD Guy store is STOCKED. It’s not just oil folks. It’s seltzers, it’s salves, it’s bath bombs, it’s gum. And, it’s not just for humans. Jason carries a number of products created specifically for pets. Anxious pup at home? He’s got you covered.

Our favorite part about Jason is the immense amount of time he spends with each customer or potential customer to explain what might work best for them, educate, and answer questions. The Ohio CBD Guy would be a great place to stop if you’re trying CBD for the first time, looking for quality local products, or are just curious to learn more about CBD and the endocannabinoid system.

Stress Reduction and CBD

Jason then went on to teach me a bit more about cannabis. Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis. Hemp is rich in CBD and has trace amounts of the other cannabinoids including THC up to 0.3% which is the legal limit. Marijuana has higher amounts of THC and smaller amounts of CBD and can be intoxicating in certain amounts. So, in summation CBD can have similar benefits as marijuana without the psychoactive effects.

After repeated CBD use Jason found enough relief to discontinue his prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Additionally, his wife was able to stop taking a prescription she had been using for pain. These results piqued Jason’s interest and he became a self studier of what is called the endocannabinoid system, the part of our nervous system that regulates how our bodies respond to pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleep, memory, appetite, fertility, addictive behaviors, and so many other things.

I first met Jason two years ago when I walked into his store which was then in Covington. The first thing I noticed was his dedication to CBD education. When I first walked into his shop he was just finishing up with a customer about my Dad’s age. Jason was carefully explaining the dosage details and I was surprised when he finished by providing the customer with his cell so he could text with questions and progress over the next few days. Impressive customer service, and educational support.

How Jason become the Ohio CBD Guy

Jason started his career in medical device sales and was there for eighteen years. He’d been a cannabis supporter since he was young, but it wasn’t until he tried the hemp version that he actually found consistent relief for anxiety, stress, and sleep.

If you’re searching for relief from anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc. we recommend swinging by the store and talking to Jason in person. We learned from him that dosage is really different for everyone and it’s not necessarily based on gender, age, or size. Jason will work with you on desired outcomes and your specific makeup to experiment with dosage until you find the right product and amount.