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My favorite for Bible journaling is watercolor; while I’ve listed one simple link below, check out the watercolor lesson in this class for much more about Daniel Smith paints etc. And you can check out the lessons on each of these mediums (watercolor, watercolor pencil, pencil) in this class. None of these require page prep of any kind.

I like to keep things simple, knowing that many Christians might want to begin Bible journaling but don’t have a studio full of art supplies, and no idea where to begin. It shouldn’t be an art that means you have to spend hundreds of dollars on stickers and paints and page prep – before even starting on a page!


About Sandy

Bibles are a personal choice – do you want interleaved? Columns on the sides? Or wide columns like the Illustrating Bible (not in the video below)? What translation? Is the cover design important to you? These are the ones I have; know that the publishing industry is ALWAYS adding new Bibles, so check the categories that are bolded here to see the latest that are available.

Author Sandy Allnock is an artist, crafter, and Bible journaler living in Washington State. She’s a dog mom, loves chocolate, and watches way too many worship videos on YouTube!. Visit her blog and crafty YouTube channel, chase her down on Instagram, and join her Facebook Group for Bible Journaling Made Simple.

Designed for both personal use and group study, these Bible journals are available in a paperback, handheld size and includes introductions to the specific books of the Bible that you purchased. The single-column Scripture layout is paired with a full page of light journaling lines for you to record your thoughts and prayers as you read through God’s Word. Whether you’re looking for an affordable resource for church ministry or to spend specialized personal time in specific books of the Bible, the NKJV Bible Journals, Complete Bible Box Set 45 Volumes is ideal for contemplating and reflecting on God’s special revelation to us all.