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cbd joint review

Cbd joint review

Lifter: Get energized with Lifter, a sweet and skunky pre-roll with a lemon twist. Improved concentration is nicely complemented with some relaxing vibes. Lifter has plenty of alpha-humulene, alpha-Bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene, a terpene combo to keep your mind and body in balance.

With pre-rolls, all the hard work is taken care of, for just a little extra cost. You also know exactly how much CBD is in your joint every time. When you just want to kick back and chill, pre-rolls are ideal, with no preparation required.

Roll-your-own with CBD flower

First we have the other cannabinoids. Researchers have unearthed more than 100, although we only really know about a handful. Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN) are three non-psychoactive cannabinoids that often appear in hemp strains, playing second fiddle to CBD. The trace levels of THC may offer a therapeutic effect, too.

You’ll get much more CBD from a joint that burns steadily and slowly than one that burns through quickly. And that’s important when you’re smoking premium, CBD-rich nugs!

Fast-acting effects

Before getting into the science, let’s briefly run through some general effects of different CBD joints.

Ryan, Los Angeles
Mom Grass is the best way to start the morning. It takes away my aches and pains and goes great with coffee!

Marle, Los Angeles
“I liked it for my work day vibes. Calms and centers me without totally knocking me out!”

Daily Beast
“Every now and then, I come across a product that drastically changes my opinion of an entire category. Dad Grass’ Pre-Rolls are the best way to enjoy CBD”

NY Magazine’s The Strategist
After being sent a sample from Dad Grass, Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder has become obsessed with what she calls “the most weedlike hemp I have ever encountered.” The pleasant buzz is so effective, Builder promises, that she says Dad Grass is “the hemp product that has convinced me that hemp is actually a thing.”

Press Coverage

Porcelana, Miami
By far the best quality CBD I’ve purchased. Thanks guys !!

Tybus, Boston
I tried my first one that evening and was so happy with what I experienced. It was all of the pleasure of the ritual and flavors of smoking a joint, but without any change to my state-of-mind. I wasn’t stoned, and that was great! The product did exactly what I wanted it to do, and the experience was just what I was looking for. All of this is to say, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy smoking herb without the high, give Dad Grass a try.

Eleanor, Tucson
WTF why are these so good? I don’t know what CBG is, but I like it.

What Folks Are Saying

Luca, Manhattan
I smoked Mom Grass and for the first time in maybe forever my migraine disappeared!

Esquire Magazine
“Offering the softest of buzzes and not much more, these CBD joints will transport you back to the good ole days. No legal lines toed or parenting choices questioned.”