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cbd isolate wholesale prices

2020 saw a significant decline in the price of wholesale CBD products. No surprise there, really, because, well… 2020. The prices began a downward trend in February and never fully recovered.

We wish we could tell you for sure! We do know that the demand for CBD products has shown steady, consistent growth. We also know that as more states come online in legalizing cannabis related products, it should only increase the demand for all products, including CBD. Hopefully, this will correlate positively with the hemp biomass supply and provide a nice bounce back from 2020.

2020 Wholesale CBD Prices

Most anyone who follows the supply side of the wholesale CBD – wholesale hemp business knows that there has been a lot of volatility with the price of wholesale hemp – CBD derivatives, including THC Free CBD distillate, CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD extract, Broad Spectrum CBD extract, CBG isolate, and other rare hemp cannabinoids like CBN and CBC during the last few years. Wholesale hemp extracts, including CBD, were especially volatile in 2020.

Will future prices CBD isolate prices remain stable?

The good news is that we have seen wholesale CBD prices stabilize somewhat in 2021, with some products like smokeable CBD flower and CBG showing price increases. Hemp farmers and hemp processing facilities are undoubtedly happy to see the prices stabilize.

Cbd isolate wholesale prices

The most notable trends we have seen in this graph is the rise in Asking Price for CBD Isolate just before harvest. Although the rise in Asking Price didn’t reflect seem to effect the average Offer Accept numbers, it is a sign of instability pre-harvest. Since the Harvest in October prices seem to have stabilized and been under $600/kg.

To get started we’ve pulled the data for all listings, offers, and sales on going back to May, 2020. By sorting data this way, you can see where the sellers are valuing their product, but also where demand lies from month to month. Let’s take a look:

Data from, CBD Isolate Prices in 2020 CBD Isolate Pricing Data from December, 2020 on

Average Price for Hemp CBD Isolate is back with another Price Analysis to help you price or purchase your hemp going into 2021. We’ll be releasing posts all month on specific categories and Premium Members will have access to a Comprehensive Price Analysis on

Do consider that these numbers are taken from all CBD Isolate listed and sold on, which may include some higher or lower quality products. Consider that a 99.99% pure isolate, or even some containing desirable minor cannabinoids may price higher. The opposite is also true as less refined Isolate products are surely priced lower (as low as $3-400/kg!).

Notable Trends & Things to Consider

Also consider that we’ve only focused on CBD in this analysis. Keep an eye out for more cannabinoids in future analysis and become a Premium Member to gain access to the Comprehensive 2021 Kush Price Analysis with all the data we can find.