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cbd inhaler

Cbd inhaler

Each Santana Smooth inhaler contains 1000 mg of liquid in 100 controlled inhalations. It is a blend of THC and CBD distillates. The rest is made up of terpenes and additives. Each 10 mg inhalation contains approximately 6.5-7 mg cannabinoids and 1-2 mg terpenes.

The brand uses CBD and CBG and minor cannabinoids for the full spectrum without much impact, contain no THC, additives, or essential oils, and produce no fumes, odors, or smoke. They do not contain herbal extracts or essential oils, which are used in several Fairwinds products. They. Suitable for those looking only for hemp products.

Koi CBD based in California in 2015, this brand has set itself the goal: to create a quality standard for CBD users. They are members of the Hemp Industry Association, the American Hemp Roundtable, and the California Hemp Council. Koi CBD hemp products are grown in the United States and are tested by ISO-certified third-party laboratories to ensure that all products are non-toxic and chemical-free.

Vapen Clear CBD Inhaler

The ZERO 550 inhaler is a simple formula that will give you the real active properties of cannabis. The ZERO formula is a blend of terpenes commonly found in cannabis and a broad-spectrum

CBD can also help you quit smoking, which is obviously a great benefit to your lungs and overall health. Clinical studies have shown that people who use CBD inhalers reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke per day by 40% [7] . If you want to quit smoking but want to help in a less stressful way, CBD could likely help.

KOI CBD Inhaler

The anti-inflammatory properties [6] of CBD can be particularly beneficial for respiratory health, as doctors prescribed marijuana for coughs in the 1920s.

Santana Smooth Inhalers result from a collaboration between Marisol Therapeutic and the renowned guitarist Carlos Santana, who collaborated with Carlos Santana and Marisol Therapeutics to launch Santana Smooth Inhalers in November 2016. Santana concealed the concept of her mother’s ethyl alcohol inhaler from him to extract the medicinal ingredients from cannabis to treat her sore joints.

Cbd inhaler

User-Centered Design
The iconic inhaler design is reusable and swappable with all WellBeings Nano Mist formulations. Crafted from durable medical-grade silicone and a food-safe BPA-free polymer, the device dispenses 200 precise nano metered doses. At home on your desk or side table–as well as in your bag or pocket–the Nano Mist Inhaler is a trusted companion for whatever the day brings.

The Calm formula combines broad spectrum hemp oil with natural terpenes and herbal extracts including L-Theanine from green tea, ashwagandha, and ginseng. Fragrant terpenes including limonene and linalool impart lavender and lime scents, while citrus extract adds additional aroma and natural flavor.

Engineering and usability

The two WellBeings™ Adaptogenic CBD formulations are crafted to target the everyday occurrences of mental stress and physical discomfort from demanding lifestyles. Replaceable canisters deliver a precise dose of the proprietary nano mist formulas. These formulas use a patented micelle technology that shrinks particle size for increased efficacy, near immediate effect, and long-term duration.

Innovative Technology
CBD, terpenes, and herbal adaptogens are packed together into tiny micelle spheres more than 100x smaller, and with 8x more bioavailability than standard CBD oil. The WellBeings’ formulations are water-compatible and dispense like a fine mist. The small particle size and water compatibility allow for near immediate absorption via inhalation or sublingual dosing – you choose. WellBeings’ products provide fast delivery that’s combustion-free, with no battery, heating or artificial ingredients.


Why an Inhaler?