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cbd infused kombucha

Cbd infused kombucha

White sugar is common, but honey is also an option. Just like CBD tea, you can also buy CBD-infused honey. Ideally, you’ll avoid bacteria-rich raw honey, as it will interfere with the bacteria you’re trying to populate in the brew.

You can find Brew Doctor Kombucha all over the country. Use the website’s locator tool to look for a retailer near you. To purchase online, you can place an order through Instacart or your favorite grocery delivery service.

Make Your Own CBD Kombucha

Typically, crafting Kombucha combines brewing tea, combining it with a SCOBY, and adding sugar for it to feast on. This sugar is essential to releasing the SCOBY probiotics to create your tea.


1. Tea-Biotics CBD-Infused Blueberry Kombucha

Over the past couple of years, Brew Doctor has also begun offering the “Tranquil” line of CBD kombucha. The Tranquil Berries formulation is made with a blend of five organic berries, live cultures, and full-spectrum hemp extract. Each bottle contains 25 mg of CBD.

Cbd infused kombucha

However, for the hardcore Cannabliss fans, there is another option: King Keg sells Cannabliss kegs for $139 a pop .

…you’ve got a beverage that can improve health through multiple pathways: both the endocannabinoid system and the gut microbiome, each of which influences a host of other bodily processes.

But not to worry, if you don’t see your locale on the list, skip to the next section and make your own CBD booch!

Where to find Brooklyn Boocha

CBD-infused Kombucha: it appears, at first glance, like the perfect culmination of the organic, vegan, plant-based holistic remedy movement; a combination like wine and cheese, Jordan and Pippen, mustard and ketchup (but the healthy version).

Aqua Vitea is another major kombucha brand (in the business for over a decade) that recently moved into the CBD booch market. Based in Vermont, they use CBD from organically-sourced hemp that is also lab-tested to ensure there are no toxins and the CBD levels are accurate. They offer two flavors of CBD booch: Green Tea and Chaga Chai.

Kombucha, on the other hand, promotes health primarily by healing the gut. Science is increasingly finding that gut health and the gut microbiome are critical to overall health, and one way to promote gut health is by feeding your gut “good” bacteria in the form of probiotics.

1. mKombucha

Look for them in retailers and Farmer’s Markets in New York City.

mKombucha is the premier CBD booch available near Remedy Journey’s San Francisco headquarters, and we love the stuff. mKombucha uses all-organic ingredients and nano-emulsified CBD (which shrinks the CBD molecules so they’re easier for the body to absorb). It’s also just one of the tastiest kombucha drinks we’ve ever tried — CBD or no.