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cbd in smoothies

Cbd in smoothies

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So what kind of CBD to use in drinks? The answer…water soluble CBD.

Water soluble CBD is the only choice when ingestion is the preferred method. Our 4% and 6% water soluble Tonic’s can be sprayed directly in the mouth and swallowed immediately or added to drink or food. Because of the way the water soluble CBD is absorbed, the effects can be up to 10x more effective than the oil equivalent because your body is able to absorb 100% of the cannabinoids. All of our water soluble CBD contains curcumin, lemonene, pinene and other terpenes that have anti-inflammatory properties so there’s even more reasons to add this super-CBD Tonic to your daily smoothie.

CBD infused super-green smoothie

Cbd in smoothies

– 1 scoop unflavored plant protein powder

Instructions: Toss all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

– 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

– Squirt of agave or sprinkle of Stevia (optional)


Cbd in smoothies

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In this recipe, you can use the dosage you prefer for one serving, but 17 mg is a fairly common daily dosage.


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