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cbd in hemp protein powder

Cbd in hemp protein powder

The high fibre content may cause diarrhoea or stomach ache if eaten too quickly, so take it slow and ease in gently if you know you don’t already get enough fibre in your diet.

This helps you lose weight initially as you begin to incorporate increased fibre consumption within your diet, but also to keep the extra pounds off as you continue not to overeat and instead consume the right kind of foods in appropriate portion sizes.

This, in turn, leads to a greatly reduced risk of chronic illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease.

It is specifically bred to contain as low a level of THC as possible and can only legally be grown to contain naturally occurring trace amounts.

Hemp Protein Powder Fats Will Keep Your Heart Healthy

The debate rages on as to whether excess consumption of saturated fats can actually contribute to the risk of heart disease, but it’s been proven that unsaturated fats do the opposite.

Hemp is completely legal and is grown and curated to a nutritional standard which is stringent and vigorously and regularly tested by the relevant authorities.

Hemp protein powder boasts a complete protein profile and a whole host of health benefits to boot, so even if you’re not following a vegan diet, don’t discount it just yet – there’s more than meets the eye to this little green plant and its offspring!

It’s Nutrient-Dense and Provides More Than Just Protein

Hemp protein is known as a complete protein; meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body must consume through food and is unable to create for itself.

However, it is thought that the digestibility of hemp protein can vary depending on its processing – so be sure to choose one of high quality, preferably derived from cold-pressed seeds.

Cbd in hemp protein powder

You will likely find it tricky to find a reliable brand that sells high-quality CBD protein powder. It took some time to find three companies worth considering, and you must also avoid mistaking hemp protein powder for its CBD equivalent. Hemp protein usually comes from the seeds, and seldom contains CBD.

Amazingly, Floyd’s of Leadville beats them both. Each serving contains a hefty 27 grams of protein, 25mg of CBD, and 8.5 grams of BCAAs. Former professional cyclist Floyd Landis founded this brand. At the age of 31, a bad cycling accident left him needing a hip replacement. It resulted in a lot of pain for Floyd until he found that CBD could help.

Those who want to cut to the chase should know that we chose Floyd’s of Leadville as our #1 CBD protein powder. It is expensive, but provides a lot of CBD and protein, not to mention BCAAs. It also tastes good and mixes well.

Pretty much any brand that offers more than a single flavor is likely to win in this category! The Applied Nutrition powder is only available in chocolate at present. Floyd’s of Leadville began by only offering chocolate flavor but finally added vanilla to the mix. Willpower decided to move away from ‘traditional’ flavors, and instead offers Cinnamon Cocoa along with vanilla. For this reason, they take this category in our opinion.


One of the most challenging aspects of finding a good CBD protein product was the simple task of locating items that had decent concentrations of both! There are a lot of hemp protein products, but as you now realize, they don’t have much CBD. Fortunately, we were able to locate three excellent options after some research.

We decided that Floyd’s of Leadville was the best blending powder, however. It required the least degree of effort and mixed well with no grit or lumps.

In the end, the tasting honors go to Willpower’s ReGen products. It includes both stevia and sucralose, so it is a little sweeter than the others. The vanilla flavor is fine, but the cinnamon cocoa option is gorgeous! This is especially the case when you mix it with milk instead of water.


Willpower’s ReGen option contains 20mg of cannabinoids, 20 grams of protein, and 6g of BCAAs in every serving. It is the subject of a great degree of hype, and few brands match this package. However, Applied Nutrition’s Pro-CBD just about exceeds it! Each serving contains 23 grams of protein and 30mg of CBD, though the brand isn’t clear on BCAA content.

Those who champion CBD claim it has an array of potential benefits. It could have the following properties: