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Cbd hut

“There is still a good degree of inequality at the top of business,” Hall said. “Female entrepreneurs are drastically underinvested, but often make the best CEOs and the best entrepreneurs, and it’s something that does need to be addressed. I think it is often because women don’t come from the backgrounds where they’re comfortable with fitting in with investment committee type structures.”

They are set to release new products from this spring – starting with a product aimed at helping women through all stages of their menstrual cycle.

Back in 2018 she was among business leaders, MPs and academics who wrote an open letter calling on ministers “to take measures to help close the funding gap that prevents many women from starting their own businesses”.

At SWB Hall heads up an all-female management team, with backgrounds in consumer and CBD.


n all-female led CBD firm on a mission to become “The Hut Group of cannabis” officially launched today after raising £1 million.

Hall, who spent a decade working in M&A and corporate finance, told the Standard: “Our ambition is to launch The Hut Group of cannabis, and to launch a new consumer brands group to bring substance and style to the global CBD wellness market, which is something we feel has been sorely missing.

CBD stands for cannabidiol – the non-psychoative compound in cannabis plants. It is used medicinally to treat conditions including insomnia. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has estimated its global consumer market is set to reach a value of $39bn by 2032.

“It is time for the professionalisation of this industry.

Hall and co plan to “leverage celebrity and retail partnerships to unlock the mainstream potential of cannabis” as they believe there is a space for products containing CBD without it being “a shock factor”.

Thom Brodeur, CEO of Sky Wellness states: “From the beginning we have set out to make CBD a centerpiece of consumers’ health and wellness, and to make it an accessible and easy part of people’s everyday lives no matter where they shop. Our ecommerce team has thoroughly vetted these partnerships, and we’re looking forward to aggressively expanding consumer access both online and in brick-and-mortar retail going into 2022.”

PHOENIX, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sky Wellness – a leading challenger brand in the CBD consumer goods industry – expands their brand footprint and is now available on multiple online marketplaces including:

In 2021, the brand grew their online retail presence by a remarkable 300% with their range of personal wellness products. The collection has benefits ranging from sleep to relief and pain support, and relaxation, focus, and energy. The brand has developed over 100 skus with formulations that include as topicals, disposable vape pens, gummies, and oil drops. The collection is also affordably priced with product starting as low as $3.99 for their award-winning CBDaF! Gummies 40mg in Fruit Flavors.