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cbd honey sticks for sale

The crystals are not a sign that your honey sticks have gone bad. It’s a result of low temperatures. You can enjoy the crystals or simply warm up the sticks by dipping them in warm water for some time.

The CBD honey sticks can be an excellent choice for hiking, athletic events, bedtime snack, concerts or whenever you want to relieve yourself. Some call this as hone straws as it looks like small tubes of honey that you can chew all over the day.

How long will my honey stick last?

There is no other delicious and pleasant way to enjoy your CBD experience than to take the CBD Honey Sticks! Honey is known to be the Nectar of the Gods and was used by many people across the world for centuries. It comes with antioxidants and helps pollen allergies. The best thing about it is that it is packed with more benefits, such as boosting your energy and natural cough syrup. As a superfood, you wouldn’t imagine that all of those benefits could be even more effective with the added CBD!

With the popularity of CBD, it is quite overwhelming for consumers to find a trusted brand of CBD products on the market. Thankfully, Flawless CBD is here to help you. There is no need for you to look around and waste your time for many shops that claim they can offer what you need. We have one of the most extensive collections of CBD products that you can try out.

What are CBD honey sticks?

You don’t have to worry about failing a drug test because of using CBD honey sticks, because CBD is not often tested for. For those containing trace amounts of THC, the amount is too small to turn a positive test. For CBD lovers that are concerned about the consumption of THC even in small quantities, you can always ensure you use CBD products made from isolate CBD.

INGREDIENTS: US Grade Honey, Broad Spectrum hemp oil and artificial flavors

Combat stress and anxiety while improving your memory, clarity, and focus. Our CBD honey sticks (10mg) feature the highest grade of naturally-occurring non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes inside one little, perfectly-infused delicious, raw, all-natural honey stick.

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