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cbd honey for sale uk

Hand infused and carefully bottled at our Bermondsey HQ. Produced in limited quantities.

Sweet and pleasant to taste, our product comes with at least 10mg of CBD per spoonful and is an easy and convenient way to consume a healthy daily dose.

100% natural British Borage Honey, infused with premium grade 500mg broad-spectrum CBD.

• Do not exceed more than 4 x 5g teaspoons per day .

We carefully infuse our British Borage Honey with a 100% natural and high quality 10% CBD broad spectrum distillate, to support holistic health and wellbeing.

• Always STIR WELL before use.

• We recommend consuming 1-2 x 5g teaspoon per day.

Our CBD infused British honey can be consumed like any other honey, but we’d recommend a spoonful a day rather like Manuka.

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*Each jar contains 180mg of CBD in 100ml of Honey

The honey is great and tastes amazing. The lemon and turmeric is completely different to anything I’ve tried before and I definitely recommend trying it!

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These 3 delicate and sweet honeys are bursting with unique floral flavours. The CBD infusion draws out earthy elements creating a delicious and balanced favour.

* Contains under <0.01% THC

I bought this honey for sleep and must say it works wonders, I had sleeping taets from doctor and were no good this cbd works within an hour start getting relaxed, I have ordered more and will keep using it, thanks