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cbd high blood pressure reddit

Cbd high blood pressure reddit

There are a lot of co-factors in play, too. Did they take into account the varying diets of the participants playing into their overall cardiovascular health? (i.e did they find 1200 taco-bell gorging stoners, or did they find 1200 health-nut cannabis users, or a mix of everything in between?)

Yesterday, news hit over a very tentative study (in a field that's difficult to study given federal status) claiming that marijuana led to significant increases in blood pressure. I've become hypertensive after a lifetime of low blood pressure after using CBD for eight months. That's n=1 I know, but I was wondering what your thoughts were about the study or about your experiences.

The study says that they had no way to document whether each participant was a consistent user, meaning any conclusions they jump to regarding consequences of marijuana-use are speculatory at best.

A 1200 person study relating to cannabis users is a VERY small sample size.

There are multiple angles to this:

Much more thorough research needs to be done before anybody can confidently make the claims these people are.

Cbd high blood pressure reddit

Not this guy. I heard CBD could lower the old BP but I've seen zero change in my numbers with the home BP machine.

I have a friend who uses it precisely for this reason. I get him some potent lab tested isolate and in the last month he has gone off his Rx. He had a combination of high stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Has anyone had their blood pressure reduced from taking CBD daily? If so, how long were you on it before the numbers went down?

Last week during a check up they took my blood pressure at the doctor's office and it was the lowest/best it has been in years. That was a pleasant surprise.