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cbd hemp flower review

Cbd hemp flower review

Important to note: Plain Jane also vends flowers with the terps intact; options include the more common varietals of the 2017/2018 season available through other distributors on this list, as well as reseller operations like Carolina Hemp Company that didn’t make the cut.

Tweedle Farms is a manufacturer and distributor of CBD-rich hemp flower based in Oregon. When they inevitably run out of their own crop, Tweedle works with a select group of organic-equivalent hemp farms to source stopgap flowers of equal quality for their loyal customer base. The quality is that of mass-produced Oregonian sungrown: what it lacks in bag appeal it makes up for in chemical impact and to some palates, flavor.

Plain Jane Hemp

I’ve found myself opting for Tweedle flowers over THC-rich varietals during the day. And in the evening, mixing any one of Tweedle’s Haze strains with fresh flower or extracts tends to result in a balance of effects that exceed the former or the latter, encouraging a reasonable bedtime and a more restful sleep.

The flowers vary somewhat widely in structure and quality—a 7-gram quarter will come with some smaller, stemmy stuff, as well as larger, filled-out buds. While surprising in scent, I was less sold on flavor for many of the strains I tried. I assume this flavor-scent dissonance has something to do with curing and packaging, but it’s impossible to say precisely what’s responsible.

Tweedle Farms

As great as all this is, I recommend taking my experiences with a grain of salt; everyone’s body chemistry is a little different, so try a few things and decide what if anything works for you.

Cbd hemp flower review

The several forms of terpene that exist are Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. A quick look through the company’s COA profile will help you identify what type of terpene it uses.


The brand uses premium, unique soil that helps through the cultivation process. Genetic engineering kicks in at the very beginning, followed by optimal growing conditions. The soil used is prepared in-house and made rich in nutrients by adding mineral-rich ingredients to it. The rest is just monitoring the plant’s growth till the next step.

FAQs About CBD Flower Strains

Customers who have used the company’s products are extremely happy with the quality. CBD American Shaman’s range of products is also something users have commended, and the company’s efforts consistently provide high-quality products. Products have helped people with pain relief, feeling relaxed, and providing post-surgery anti-inflammatory properties.

If a brand has not disclosed its lab test results for any reason, the brand is a no-go. Unless you can tell what the product you smoke contains, it is never recommended to go ahead and use the product.

HollyweedCBD adds its own farm-style twist to Cannabinoid Flower products in the market. They have total control of their manufacturing process from seed to sell, ensuring quality products and a safe experience.

CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

The compound in a hemp plant responsible for aroma and taste is called terpene. It is, in fact, the distinguishing part of a hemp plant, creating a difference between different types of hemp. Not just the aroma and taste, but the terpene profile is also responsible for the medicinal and therapeutic benefits you can obtain from a hemp plant.

CBD is legal in the US and many other countries. With that said, you can freely place an order for your hemp flower without the fear of getting into trouble.

Cookies’ Monk Fruit cultivar has a gassy, potent perfume so loud it practically screamed at me as soon as the bag’s seal was broken. There are top notes of sweet citrus, peppery wood, and resinous pine braided into a skunky sun-baked diesel that, to the untrained nose, could be substantially offensive. To the consummate pothead, however, this is not only a familiar fragrance, it’s a complex aroma that portends a robust entourage effect.

Historically, hemp has always been an industrial crop, taxonomically indistinguishable from cannabis, but with effects more likely to cause a crunchy headache than a psychotropic excursion. But today’s hemp flowers are a world away from its industrial counterpart, and far more in line with dispensary cannabis in terms of looks, aromas, and terpene profiles. For example, the CBD flowers available for online order through Cookies are an ideal example of that chemical versatility in hemp. Visually indistinguishable from top shelf flower, Cookies’ curated hemp nugs are just as sugary, dense, and powerfully fragrant as regular THC flowers.

A second round had me loading it into a flower vaporizer. Again, the inhale was sheer, though the phenotype’s skunk was far more toothsome at low temperatures. When combusted, the mouthfeel was decidedly delicate. When vaporized, this became a mouthful of funk that might delight a true cannaisseur, but a newbie may have a harder time tolerating.


Despite the aggressive perfume, these buds have a sheer, flowery exhale. A suggestion of pine and lemon linger on the palette, but only for a breath or two post-hit. Overall, I found the smoke to be mild and silky.

When I opened my eighth, I could see that the nugs had maintained their constitution, with only a fractional smattering of crumbs dusting the bottom of the bag. But the density of these nugs was not the first thing about this cultivar that captivated me, what hit me first was the smell.

First impressions

An eighth of Cookies’ CBD flower costs $40, compared to an eighth of its THC offerings, which run between $50 – $60.

The simple and effective bright blue packaging bears the brand’s name in white cartoonish script. It’s catchy branding that would be distinguishable from across a room or on a cluttered shelf. Cookies currently stocks three varieties of hemp flower — each grown by Secret Nature — in these bold blue packages. A silver sticker is all that differentiates each sack; the bags are opaque, with only the necessary, generalized manufacturing info stamped onto its backsides and not even a peek-a-boo window to entice potential consumers.