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cbd harmony

As a licensed Esthetician (Skin Therapist), and the Alchemist behind the Code of Harmony CBD skincare product line, I clearly understand how important the ingredients we use are, and how they affect the skin. Having redness-prone/sensitive, aging skin myself, I created these products to be as effective as possible at rejuvenating skin integrity while nurturing and calming skin stress. CBD is one of the many ingredients I use to do just that. The goal is always to return the skin to homeostasis; a happy, youthful looking, balanced state of being.

Harmony CBD isn’t the only CBD brand on the market creating a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, but they’re definitely one of our top picks. It is perfect for people looking for a CBD oil that they can take throughout the day, without worrying about getting any THC in their bodies. Great for beginners, and great for experts — Harmony’s Premium CBD Oil has it all.


Here at Bloom Botanics, we want the CBD products that we sell to be the best of the best, and we always want to offer you products that we know fit the bill. This Premium CBD Oil by Harmony is exactly that – and more.

Harmony has a new best-seller in the making with their Premium CBD Oil made with specially selected European hemp extract. Harmony is a brand set on offering the world the purest broad-spectrum CBD oil, and they’re doing an incredible job of it.

Strength: 300mg | 1000mg