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cbd h2o water

According to Pop Sugar, another brand, CBD Living Water, ” has 2.5 milligrams of CBD per bottle, but due to the nano application, you can get up to nine times the effect — 22.5 mg.”

Therefore, putting a dropper full of CBD into a bottle of water and sipping it here and there is not advisable either. Opening and closing the bottle numerous times and allowing oxygen and light to penetrate the container weakens the CBD, rendering it all but ineffective, quite quickly. (Unless fitness buffs do this at Soul Cycle, where the room is pretty dark and cyclists tend to chug.)

Furthermore, a daily dose of at least 10-25mg is recommended to be beneficial to the human body’s endocannabinoid system, for non-medical reasons. At that rate, a person would have to drink five to thirteen bottles of Love Hemp water per day, provided it is stored in the dark, such as in a wine cellar, before purchase, then consumed all in one shot.

Assuming some manufacturer takes the initiative to sell CBD in dark brown glass bottles, like Guinness, from the moment the cap is opened and oxygen hits the product, it begins to destabilize.

CBD or cannabidiol, the low THC product that everyone touts as being “the non-psychoactive form of cannabis,” (which in and of itself is slightly misleading, but that is for a different column) destabilizes when exposed to light or oxygen. Legitimate CBD products are sold in dark, opaque bottles with labels that warn the consumer to store the bottle away from light, in a cool, dark place.

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Additionally, when the body needs the benefits of CBD right away, the efficacy of a .2mg serving is non-existent. GW Pharmaceuticals doses at five to ten milligrams per kilogram of body weight. That means a person who weighs 120 lbs (54.431kg) would theoretically need approximately between 272 and 554 milligrams of CBD per day, for the dose to be efficacious, as opposed to two.

Mr. Bunka’s company does medical cannabinoid research and holds four patents in the USA and Australia, and has 45 patents pending on the delivery of cannabinoids.

“Love Hemp water is not designed –I certainly hope– to treat any medical condition. I hope they are positioning themselves as more of a supplement company,” he added.

Cbd h2o water

A cucumber kiwi flavored performance H20, with 10 mg.

Cucumber Kiwi CBD Energy Water – Recovery 12 Pack

CBD water dramatically increases the bioavailability of the cannabis compound. Less needs to be consumed in order to experience CBD’s effects.

Does CBD water have any side effects?

Like we mentioned above, most CBD infused waters on the market only contain 2 – 5 mg per CBD water, our CBD water contains 10 mg of CBD per bottle. Win.

Cbd h2o water

Broad Spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids that can deliver enhanced benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects from THC.

Our Black Cherry CBD Energy Waters are packed with 10 mg of high quality and potency, hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD. Each water encompasses potential benefits and protections of Vitamin B-12, cellular protection and function of nitric oxide, as well as regulating and balancing electrolytes, aiding your mind and body on a daily basis, drink by drink.


We use a proprietary technology to remove unwanted compounds still present in the oil. These compounds include wax, chlorophyll, plant pigments and trace amounts of THC.

The oil is then distilled to separate the hemp extract from the food grade ethanol used in the extraction process. In fact, we are one of the few facilities in the world that use this food grade ethanol.


CBD water is made by infusing water with water soluble CBD and electrolytes to promote hydration and recovery.