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cbd gummies texas

While you may think that the law considers marijuana and THC products to be the same, that simply is not the case in Texas. The Texas Controlled Substances Act governs state law concerning drugs, including their classification into different penalty groups as well as for various penalties for the offenses of possession, manufacture, and delivery.

Another concern with CBD products is that although many are advertised as having no or low THC content, that may not be true. If you are stopped in Texas and have a CBD product that the authors send off for laboratory testing and the results show THC, you could be facing criminal charges. Accordingly — just as with THC edibles — even though they may legal where you bought them, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can bring them into Texas without criminal consequences.

Texas Law Concerning Possession of Marijuana vs. THC Edibles

All forms of THC concentrates are illegal in Texas. These concentrates include oils, waxes, sugars, and powders, and they may be eaten on their own, sprinkled on food, or otherwise mixed with food or drink to be ingested.

CBD Exception: Compassionate Use Act

If you have been charged with a crime in connection with THC gummies or other edibles, the time to contact Doug Murphy is now. With so much at stake, you must be sure your future is in good hands, and an experienced advisor must be involved in the process as early as possible.

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