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cbd glass

Cbd glass

When shopping for CBD products, consumers are looking for brands they can trust. Trust us to help you bring your brand to life by providing the custom, high-quality packaging you’re looking for.

We can provide the following label solutions for you

When you choose to work with Ceramic Decorating Company, Inc., you can rest assured that our quality control is second to none. Better yet, we have the fastest lead times in the industry — which is a necessity for CBD companies hoping to compete in a rapidly-shifting industry. Whether you’re starting off small or in the process of scaling up, we offer many services to help bring your company’s vision to life.

Companies We Helped Stand Out

Whether you have a cool design concept and need a bit of help crossing the finish line or you want a unique label for your product that stands out to customers, the experts at Ceramic Decorating Company, Inc. can help. Since our founding in 1934, we’ve provided a variety of services to businesses of all sorts of different industries over the years, and there’s nothing we’d love more than to help your CBD business get off the ground.

Cbd glass

sturdy machine-made glass with fine rim

wide bowl and solid base for sipping and savoring

Land Crafted, Ocean Aged

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Chambers Bay Distillery. is a craft distillery based in University Place, Wash. We produce Ghost Dog Whiskey, Rán Vodka, Greenhorn Bourbon, and CBD Straight Boathouse Bourbon Whiskey. Harnessing the power of the sea, we age our bourbon in floating boathouses on Puget Sound. #LandCraftedOceanAged.

CBD and Ghost Dog swag. hats, hoodies, glassware and more!