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cbd for lymphedema

Along with the CBG, it was also recommended I begin taking cannabidiol (CBD), another natural component of the cannabis plant. Taking the CBG and CBD in conjunction with one another should give me good results, the doctor assured me.

Bottom line — I have been pleasantly surprised by CBG and CBD. It was helpful to have guidance from a medical professional on where to purchase a safe, quality product, what dosage to consume and how to alleviate pain naturally. I don’t think I could have made an informed decision on my own without some guidance.

If interested in trying CBD for health benefits, talk with your medical professional. Ask for suggestions on usage and for suggestions on suppliers.

Cbd for lymphedema

One of the ways CBD works is by suppressing cytokine activity. This includes a chemical called interferon-gamma, which the lymph nodes produce. Research suggests that high CBD doses could also inhibit the production of lymphocytes.

Inflammation relies upon chemicals called cytokines that the body releases in response to injury or infection. They tell the immune system when there is a potential threat and trigger the inflammatory response.

However, it is inaccurate to claim that CBD is safe for everyone. It can cause several adverse reactions, ranging from dry mouth and digestive issues to drug interactions. But does CBD cause swollen lymph nodes?

CBD Oil’s Effects on the Lymphatic System

Generally speaking, CBD has immunosuppressant effects, meaning that it dampens the immune response. Although there is some evidence that CBD could enhance certain aspects of immunity, it is currently minimal.

Individuals should see a physician regarding swollen lymph nodes in the following circumstances:

Could CBD Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

As it circulates the body, lymph must pass through small, bean-shaped structures at various locations. These are what we know as the lymph nodes. They act as a filter between the lymphatic system and the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is equally unclear. Without studies specifically on how CBD affects the lymphatic system, we can only speculate.